Conor McGregor speaks out on Rita Ora rumours in typically outrageous fashion

Conor McGregor speaks out on Rita Ora rumours in typically outrageous fashion

Conor McGregor has barely been out of the news of late.

2017 has been dominated by the indomitable Irishman. First came the protracted negotiations between himself and Floyd Mayweather Jr. over a fight that would become one of the richest in boxing history. Rumours seemed to circulate for most of the year before the pair finally agreed terms on a fight that would ultimately fail to live up to the ludicrous expectations placed upon it by a baying public.

Mayweather finally put McGregor away in the 10th round, though has since claimed that he was forced to carry his opponent in his efforts to make the fight more of a spectacle.

McGregor though, to many, held his own, surpassing the expectations of many in the boxing community who had met the fight with a derisive snort and an upturned nose.

Since that fight, though, all of McGregor's headlines have been written outside the boxing ring.

Most bizarrely, perhaps, was the story that the Irishman was on the run from gangsters in his own country after allegedly becoming involved in a scuffle in a pub, though his father was quick to dismiss these claims, saying;

"That’s all nonsense that is. Absolute nonsense. It’s an absolute nonsense story. It’s grown legs and it’s getting that ridiculous – it’s become funny.

"We have nothing to fear here whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything. We’re a law-abiding family and we’ve stayed a law-abiding family. As a matter of fact, right now I’m going out to buy my TV licence.

"I’d view 95% of that story as nonsense and the other 5% is overly exaggerated. And that’s it. He’s at home with his son. We’re all just settling down for Christmas now. I’ve just got the grandson’s presents in today, they just came in from America. I’ll be wrapping them, putting them under the tree for the big day. That’s it."

Then, McGregor sparked outrage along with Rita Ora, after photographs of the pair were circulated by the latter along with the caption "date night". Fans responded with fire and fury, not least seeing as Conor McGregor is in fact married with a child to someone else.

Rita Ora had appeared to attempt to put an end to the rumours circulating about the pair when she confirmed her romance with Andrew Watt, but now McGregor has firmly thrown the cat among the pidgeons once more, after referring to the singer in the wake of a wild night out.

McGregor, clearly not too bothered about recent criticisms he and Ora have faced over their snaps, apparently took over the microphone in a nightclub and exclaimed "shout out to Rita Ora" to cheers from the crowds, writes the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, it seems unclear whether the Irishman will ever get back into the Octagon, after Dana White expressed his doubts that McGregor would want to continue fighting now that he has made his millions.

Only time will tell.