This cosplayer can become any of your favorite characters

This cosplayer can become any of your favorite characters

Alyson Tabbitha is like a human octopus. She can press herself against any environment, and change her appearance to look just like it. Except, unlike an octopus, she can transform into Johnny Depp. She's literally mike Mystique from the X-Men, she's just too good at transforming into dozens upon dozens of characters who all look nothing like one another. How many any cosplayer be so versatile?

She was just born to cosplay. I mean, look at this Wonder Woman right here:

She could play Wonder Woman, no problem. Gal Gadot would be out of a job. The only limit to her work is expense - these costumes are all wildly detailed and extremely high-quality, so the budget of each transformation is likely very high.

Still, she's good enough to do this as a profession. And despite her skill, Tabbitha is still humble and welcoming to young cosplayers. She wrote on Instagram:

"I see comments all the time saying they wish they were "as good as" me when it comes to cosplay! When most of the time they are already far better than I was in my earlier costuming years! You can be good at anything you set your mind to, and put work into! Improvement is a common effect of effort!"

She also does anime cosplays, like this female titan from the popular Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. The muscles look perfect.

For any Fifth Element fans out there, she also does this perfectly.

Her Final Fantasy characters are impeccable. She could literally be the in-game model for Lightning, from Final fantasy XIII. I can't tell the difference.

Of course, she does a mean Johnny Depp. Here, she takes on the roles of both Edward Scissorhands and his love interest from the film, Kim. Find a girl who can do both.

If Depp's salary requirements for the next Pirates of the Caribbean are too high, they can always hire Alyson to just play the role instead.

Her room also undergoes some serious changes. Here's the before and after of a single session of perfecting and assembling a cosplay outfit:

This is what she looks like without cosplay:

And with:

What do you think? Maybe Hollywood should hire her to do makeup and costume design. After all, she's pretty much at the level of a 100-million-dollar Hollywood blockbuster. These are the upward limits of cosplay right here, I can't see anyone doing a better job than this. And with a Hollywood budget, she could do some truly outrageous designs, or many many more than she is able to do now.

She could be a double for virtually any actor, as well. What do you think of these cosplays?

In other transformation-related news, Saudi Arabia is building a half-a-trillion dollar robot city. Yes, that's right, Saudi Arabia, the capital of world human rights. Do you think the future will be better as corporate robotics made human? Sound off on that and Alyson Tabbitha's amazing cosplays.