Couple announce pregnancy with help from Bill Murray

Couple announce pregnancy with help from Bill Murray

Is there anything not to love about Bill Murray? As well as being a great actor and an all-round funny guy, Murray is also recognised for not taking himself too seriously, and has been known to show up at strangers' parties in order to do the washing up and offer people fatherly advice.

He's basically everybody's favourite uncle.

And, while he hasn't had too many film appearances lately, the 67-year-old actor has certainly been keeping himself busy with other things. Just this year, he's demonstrated his musical talents by singing at various concert venues, recited poetry at Carnegie Hall, and - most recently - helped a young couple deliver some very exciting news to their parents.

On Monday 9th October, 67-year-old Murray was just watching the Chicago Cubs and minding his own business when he was approached by Robbie and Kirsten Schloss, a couple sitting next to him during the game. Instead of asking for the usual autograph or selfie, however, the husband and wife had a very special request.

In a video posted to Instagram this weekend, the Ghostbusters actor sent a message out to Robbie's and Kristen's parents about a new family member that would be arriving very soon.

"Hey, I got news for you. You’re gonna be grandparents," says Murray, who is standing beside the grinning couple.

Unable to contain his excitement, Robbie adds, "We’re having a baby!"

The post was then shared to the Facebook group, 'Love What Matters'. In the caption to the video, Robbie explained in a little more detail how they spoke to Murray and said that the actor was happy to help them out:

'We were sitting next to Bill Murray behind home plate during Monday’s Chicago Cubs game. We talked casually during the game and he playfully switched glasses with Kirsten for a minute since his shades make the entire stadium turn blue.

'After the Cubs win I told Bill I needed him to make our pregnancy announcement. Kirsten struggled with fertility so we had decided not to make it public at first but this was too fun to pass up. Bill gladly recorded the message for us and we got a few cheers from the crowd still standing around us.

'My father-in-law is a long time cubs fan so it was pretty awesome sending this to him. Bill Murray, thank you for making my parents cry!'

But this was not the first time Murray was involved in a couple's special announcement.

Back in 2014, Murray also appeared in a couple's engagement photos. Soon-to-be newlyweds Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers were taking some shots in Murray's hometown of Charleston, South Carolina when the actor just happened to stumble upon them.

According to them, he introduced himself in the most Bill Murray way ever by walking over and pulling his shirt over his head. Obviously, after that, they had to invite him into the shoot.

Well, if these accounts are anything to go by, it looks like Murray is still as cool as ever. And if you ever happen to be at a Cubs game, keep an eye out for him - especially if you have some important news to break.