Craig David agrees to play at wedding after bride tweets him every day for a year

Craig David agrees to play at wedding after bride tweets him every day for a year

Weddings are stressful things. In spite of the financial burden, you have to ensure that you're not only appeasing your immediate family, but also all of your extended relatives with your choice of venue, food, location and even decor. Yes, we all know it's supposed to be the bride and groom's "special day", but it rarely pans out like that because everyone just has to have an opinion.

However couples always manage to do one thing which is purely for themselves, whether that be planning an elaborate honeymoon, staging their big day abroad, or you know, having their favourite musician attend their big day.

One bride and groom had their wildest dreams come to fruition after their favourite musician, singer and songwriter, Craig David agreed to perform at their big day.

Craig David surprised a bride-to-be after she tweeted him every day for a year. Sophie McEvoy, who hails from Marston Green, Birmingham is due to marry her fiancé Richard McCausland in Tenerife on the 27th of October.

However, 27-year-old Sophie started preparations early when she began tweeting Craig David in July 2016, after seeing him performing whilst on holiday in Marbella. Sophie tweeted the R&B star, calling him "amazing" and asking if he could come play at her wedding, but although David favourited the tweet, he failed to respond.

"Do you think if I tweet @CraigDavid every day for the next 480 days he would perform at our wedding", Sophie continued.


While the office manager was hopeful in her endeavour, her friends and family, as well as fiancé Richard, all said that it was highly unlikely that Craig would follow through. Sophie stated that Richard said that she was "bonkers" and had "no chance" at making it happen.

But the bride to be did eventually see some success. "He's favourited a few tweets and after I tweet him in October: 'Home from an amazing hol @CraigDavid cheer me up?' he tweet[ed] back: 'Listen to the new album & know that you are getting married soon which will have you smiling in no time," she said, adding "I try to make my tweets witty and creative. I've Photoshopped him in to photos and tweet them."

However, as it turns out, Craig David was planning to attend the wedding all along. During David's appearance on Brisbane's radio station, hit105 last Friday, one of the presenters informed the musician that one of his fans, who had been tweeting him regularly, was on the line and he immediately knew who it was.

Presenter, Abby Coleman said: "They're a massive Craig David fan and I believe they've probably been, I'll say, kindly harassing you on Twitter."

David simply replied, "That would be Sophie, no? Oh wicked, put me through," before announcing the surprise, "I've been trying to keep it a lovely secret... but I will come through and do a little something for you on your wedding day," he told Sophie.

A stunned Sophie was only able to reply, "shut up, shut up! Are you being serious?".

David revealed that arrangements had been made with the cooperation of Sophie's wedding planner, "I was trying to keep it to the last day… but now we're on air I can't lead you on for any longer… it'll be a pleasure," he added.

Well, Sophie's determination certainly paid off, and boy does she know it. During the radio broadcast, she confidently asserted that she "doesn't do anything by halves" and that she "just loves a challenge".

Good on her, we say.