Donald Trump awkwardly shakes his wife's hand and pushes her off-stage

Donald Trump awkwardly shakes his wife's hand and pushes her off-stage

In the sea of Trump news, sometimes the bread and circus of some inconsequential moment is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whenever Trump does something off or even a little bit awkward, people are ready to pile on, and put a magnifying glass on it. Today, that glass is blowing up a scene of Donald attempting to greet and wave off his wife Melania, which ends up looking somewhat rigid and bizarre.

It's the latest in the chronicle of the Trump celebrity marriage, with all the focus on these 'fails' or celebrity moments. Trump may be alienating his core right-wing fanbase by compromising on the famous wall. He may also now not deport the dreamers, according to his recent Tweets, though it's all in flux. The man never exactly stays in one place. Two years from now, who knows what Trump will have done or tried to do. And by then, it'll be election season again (ugh).

So for now, take a look at this strange video of a Donald-Melania interaction.

It's a pretty awkward moment, right? Twitter users said that shaking hands with your wife is a pretty awkward greeting. Plus, the little shove and whisper to "go sit down" came across as controlling and bizarre. There just isn't much chemistry between these two, from videos like this.

Twitter had a lot of commentary, as usual. Husband and wife hand-shaking was frowned upon, as well as the little shove. Some users joked that Trump "forgot who she was". Sure, Barack and Michelle Obama always had a more natural flow about their relationship. Is this because of the Trumps' strange relationship, or rather poor adjustment to the spotlight?

This, of course, isn't the first awkward moment between the couple. This famous clip from May shows Melania and Donald in a pretty cold light.

What do you think? Is this an example of liberals micro-focusing on irrelevant or silly things to try to undermine Trump? Or is Melania genuinely not too beloved by her husband? Of course, she never knew she would be signing on to be the First Lady when she married Donald Trump. She's just rolling with the punches now, and given that she's been living in New York with Barron, she and Donald don't seem to be together too often.

Are they growing distantly apart? Donald Trump seems most concerned about his legacy, not his marriage, and Melania is probably not too interested in the minute details of congressional planning and passing bills. America loved Michelle Obama to the point where she became a celebrity. Is Melania destined to be a pretty forgettable First Lady? Especially since her chosen 'issue' to focus on is reportedly online harassment, which is quite funny coming from a Trump.

I'm sure there will be plenty more frosty moments between Melania and Donald, and I'm also sure there will be reporting on it for the hope of embarrassing him, not out of its own intrinsic importance.