Donald Trump Jr. dressed up as his dad for Halloween and it looks absurd

Donald Trump Jr. dressed up as his dad for Halloween and it looks absurd

Donald Trump Jr. is a very strange guy. Of course, on first glance, being Donald Trump's son would be inherently weird. Sharing his name just makes it super weird. I'd say with confidence that Eric Trump is the ugliest of the Trump kids, but I think that Trump's family is really demonstrating that 'the future is female'. Even if all the Trump kids are shameless opportunist capitalists, it's clear that the Trump daughters got the good genes, and Trump's sons got his thousand-chin and cellulite body aesthetic.

At any rate, Donald Trump Jr. is infamous for his frequent use of social media. He's taken a page out of the frog boy book, and is basically a full-on Pepe the frog when it comes to being online. He retweets memes and goofy political arguments, becoming a total social media foot-soldier for his all-knowing dad. I wonder if he was raised strict? Maybe Donald Trump was never around, and he grew up alone.

Here's the famous Halloween tweet that Trump Jr. made:

It got 84,000 replies, which basically means that 84,000 people found it incredibly stupid and responded to it in outrage. Basically, don't try to reduce entire economic systems to silly Halloween metaphors. It won't work. Also, why is his daughter dressed as a cop? It's kind of funny.

Don Trump Jr.'s daughter is a cop, and he's dressed as his own dad. It's so weird. So, he bought a plastic Trump mask, like the one you'd find at Party City or whatever. He wore this proudly, in the image of the father. Maybe he does love his dad a little too much. Maybe he never cultivated his own identity?

What do you think? He looks comical, right? Carl Jung and many other depth psychologists, as well as behavioral psychologists, have theorized that a man who never truly grows up permanently idolizes his father as a God. The father figure becomes Superman, he can do no wrong. The distorted man always thinks of his father as the ultimate truth.

However, a man who is truly grown acknowledges that his father is flawed, and aspires to make his own decisions and his own life, perhaps with his father's advice, but never afraid to disagree and do things on his own. It seems like Donald Trump Jr. doesn't think like that. His dad is Captain America. He hasn't broken free of the ideal.

Living in the shadow of the father is not so great. It means that you never grow up on your own, and become your own man. Now, I may be reading too deep into this Halloween costume. But if you have to think about the costume, this is the likeliest reason for it - that he worships his dad.

If my dad was President, the last thing I would do is dress up as him. I'd be working on my own identity, my own life, I'd never pretend to be my dad, especially for an event as public as Halloween. Trump's brand, I suppose, cuckholds his own sons.