Drake calls out a guy for groping women at his show and threatens him

Drake calls out a guy for groping women at his show and threatens him

Whether or not Drake writes his own songs, he respects women. That OVO boy right there definitely respects women. In Hotline Bling, when he's dancing around in a turtleneck sweater, he's basically the most harmless guy on Earth. Drake must be sick of seeing sexual assault and harassment stories coming out every single day, because he's putting a foot down when he sees that garbage go on at his shows. When harassment is happening right in front of you, the least you can do is not turn a blind eye, right?

Well, that's exactly what Drake did at an afterparty show in his native Toronto last night, November 14th. Drake was up on stage performing some songs for a late night crowd when he noticed that some jerk in the thick, densely packed crowd was trying to grope some girls. Once Drake saw the guy, who is not seen in the video, he stopped the song and stepped up to the edge of the stage, saying that he will personally stop this dude if he has to.

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and f**k you up," announces Aubrey Graham, resident 6 God. "If you don't stop putting your hands on girls, I'm gonna come out there and f**k you up."

The statement drew massive cheers from the crowd. Good to know that Drake is not as 'problematic' as, say, R Kelly. But that's it's own horrible rabbit hole. One wonders if the groping man was thrown out of the venue, but it seems like he wasn't. That's one oversight - shouldn't a guy be tossed out and not given any second chances?

Just because Drake didn't have to put some Yeezys to his face doesn't mean that he deserved to stay in the crowd, especially at an afterparty. Also, there arises an awkward question: can Drake really fight?

What if Drake jumped into the crowd and started swinging, only to get boxed out badly? Drake is not a street guy, it's unlikely that he's gotten into many fights. Especially at his level of fame, getting into a brutal combat would only look bad for him, whether he wins or loses. Drake's only instance of violence I know of was way back in 2010, when he was tossing bottles at Chris Brown and his crew inside a club. And honestly, who doesn't want to chuck a bottle at Chris Brown? He beat up Rihanna - how is he still working, when others are losing their careers for far less?

When groping is happening at a concert or a party, it's a serious help for the performer to stop the show and call out the abuser. That alone could probably stop many assaults in crowded venues - knowing that the performer and his security/crew will immediately stop the show, shame and toss you out, if you try to harass anybody.

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