Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old

Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old

Another day, another decades-old accusation against a major Hollywood icon. When it happened to Kevin Spacey, it was somewhat shocking. After all, he was no actor-of-the-week: he was pretty certified in his place in American film history. Now, another heavyweight is being accused: Dustin Hoffman.

Hoffman, of course, is very well well-known. Ever since he starred in The Graduate, he's been a major American actor. Now, writer Anna Graham Hunter has written a piece in The Hollywood Reporter, accusing him of sexually harassing her back in 1985, on the set of Death of a Salesman.

Since Hunter wrote the piece herself, her words will do the accusation the most justice:

"This is a story I've told so often I'm sometimes surprised when someone I know hasn't heard it. It begins, "Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed me when I was 17." Then I give the details: When I was a senior in high school in New York City, interning as a production assistant on the set of the Death of a Salesman TV film, he asked me to give him a foot massage my first day on set; I did. He was openly flirtatious, he grabbed my ass, he talked about sex to me and in front of me. One morning I went to his dressing room to take his breakfast order; he looked at me and grinned, taking his time. Then he said, "I'll have a hard-boiled egg … and a soft-boiled clitoris." His entourage burst out laughing. I left, speechless. Then I went to the bathroom and cried."

Wow. See, the 'soft-boiled clitoris' is so cringeworthy that it's hard to believe! I guess Hoffman is no writer. But she alleges that he groped her and asked for a foot massage as well, all while she was a 17-year-old high school senior. Damn.

Hunter continues to allege some pretty insane actions on Hoffman's part:

"Today, when I was walking Dustin to his limo, he felt my ass four times. I hit him each time, hard, and told him he was a dirty old man. He took off his hat and pointed to his head (shaved for the part) and said, "No, I'm a dirty young man, I have a full head of hair." So would Bob have fired me if he'd seen me hit Dustin?...

"Mostly though, my heart aches. It aches for the teenager who was so thrilled to join a movie star's party that she gave him a foot rub even though she didn't want to, even though she tried to protest she wasn't good at it. My heart aches for the awkward virgin with the bad hair who had only been kissed three times in her life, laughing as the man her father's age talked about breasts and sex. I want to weep that she found this charming."

At the end of it all, Hunter says that she "loved the attention. Until I didn't". As a young intern working with Dustin Hoffman, it must have felt so overwhelming and positive just to have that job. But it came along with a sharp edge, a chronic background of sexual harassment and perpetual uncomfortable groping. Not acceptable.

Hoffman will likely address these allegations at some point in the coming hours/days.