Ed Sheeran taken to hospital with broken arm after being hit by a car

Ed Sheeran taken to hospital with broken arm after being hit by a car

It's a professional's worst fear to have their talent-enabling body parts harmed in some way. A champion runner is hampered by a shattered knee. An opera singer fears for their vocal chords. And an illustrator's worst nightmare is to break their writing hand. So it's sad news for singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ed Sheeran, who just confirmed he's suffered an injury that might affect his music-playing abilities.

This morning, the 26-year-old singer made the most of an unusually balmy day in October and decided to cycle to his AM appointment. There he was, merrily trundling down the streets of London on his bicycle, when he was hit by a car, knocked off his bike and broke his arm. Luckily it was nothing more serious, but still – it was his arm. His right arm. The arm with which he plays his guitar.

The poor guy confirmed the event on his Instagram: "Ive had a bit of a bicycle accident and I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows. Please stay tuned for further news."

Bless him, for cycling around town when he could easily be kicking back in a limo or a luxury helicopter. And bless him once more for calling it "a bit of a bicycle accident". It just comes at a bad time, when the Shape of You singer is right in the middle of his Divide tour.

He said his upcoming shows might be affected by the injury, depending on doctor's orders. Sheeran is due to be touring around Asia in the next month, including shows in Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, where he's scheduled to be playing around four shows per week. His next gig is scheduled for October 22, which is supposed to take place in Taipei. His last show for the year is set to be November 23 in Dubai, before he resumes his tour in Australia in March next year.

Fans are flooding the post with "get well soon" wishes, as well as a lot of selfish concerns about whether he'll still make it to their shows, saying "I hope you still can come to Taiwan this week" and "Ummmmmm not HK right??".

He's also receiving a lot of attention on Twitter.

It comes on the same day that actor Gerard Butler was rushed to hospital after a motorbike accident. The 47-year-old was run off the road by a car while riding his motorbike in LA, but it's believed he only suffered cuts and bruises.

Poor Ed seems to have suffered far more, given the fact that it's his guitar-playing arm that copped the worst of the impact. Hopefully, he makes a speedy recovery and he'll be able to strum his guitar again soon. Maybe he should take up this Instagram fan's offer: "Bro...if you need somebody to play while you sing...I got you. Don't cancel the shows!!!"