Fans are claiming that Selena Gomez suffered a panic attack at the AMAs last night

Fans are claiming that Selena Gomez suffered a panic attack at the AMAs last night

We'd all love to be pop stars, and crush an awesome performance in front of a sold out crowd. But we wouldn't love the scrutiny that comes with fame. When you perform on TV, people react in real-time on the Internet, and the comments can be brutal. It's easy to forget that celebrities are people too, going through their own trials and tribulations.

On Sunday night Selena Gomez performed "Wolves" at the American Music Awards. This was her first performance in over a year, and her fans were excited. On the red carpet, she showed off a new blonde hairdo, and looked ready to perform. Wearing a sexy slip, Tiffany necklace and sneakers with socks, she took the stage to sing her hit single. However, fans criticized her performance on Twitter, saying it sounded like she was lip synching.

"If only she didn't lip sync it ? would've been a great performance"

"So Selena Gomez's big comeback they've been shoving down our throats for a month was her lip syncing and rolling around on the floor?"

"Lip sync battle? Oh wait.. it's just a selena gomez performance"

Harsh! They also noticed she seemed subdued. At the end of the song, the crowd cheered, and Selana just shrugged, mouthing "Thank you."

If you don't know anything about Selena Gomez - or just follow her dating life - it might seem like she was being super lazy. But she wasn't phoning it in. There's a reason she was out of the spotlight for so long in 2017: The 25-year-old singer was sick with lupus, and just months ago, got a kidney transplant from her best friend, Francia Raisa. That's pretty major surgery - an experience that affects you mentally and physically. Fans claimed Selena suffered a panic attack before the performance, and gave her props for going through with it anyway.





"There was a rumor that Selena had a panic attack during her performance, we don't know how true this is but could be why she looked sad throughout ?.but no matter what we are grateful for everything she has done and #WeAreProudOfSelena."

"People are saying that Selena had a panic attack before going on stage and she still performed, please protect her at all costs, she deserves the world but the world doesn't deserves her #AMAs"

"The fact that Selena had a panic attack before going on stage and then actually performing is both heartbreaking but shows just how strong she really is @selenagomez I love you so much baby"

If you've never had a panic attack before, you're lucky. They're terrifying experiences, similar to heart attacks. You feel an increased heart rate, pain, and a feeling like you're going to die. They last between 30 seconds and several minutes, and then you're exhausted all day. Panic attacks could be triggered by anything - social anxiety at a party, stress from a financial crisis, trauma from a life-or-death experience. We don't know for sure if Selena had one, but it's certainly possible after recovering from such a major sickness and surgery.

Luckily there are several ways to treat panic attacks, from medication to meditation to therapy. We wish Selena the best and hope the haters on Twitter give her a break.