Former Blink 182 guitarist says he has the first ever declassified videos of UFOs

Former Blink 182 guitarist says he has the first ever declassified videos of UFOs

Way back in 1999, Blink-182 released a song called Aliens Exist. While at the time no one really thought anything of it, other than it being a decent pop-punk song, it was actually foreboding of the journey that frontman Tom DeLonge was about to set off on after he quit the band.

The journey of the former Blink-182 guitarist has now become well documented, but, for those who are unaware, DeLonge quit one of the most commercially successful bands of all time in order to hunt for aliens. Honestly, I am not kidding you.

A few weeks ago, DeLonge announced to the world that he had formed the To The Stars Academy - a team of people who apparently used to work for the government security forces and distinguished physicists. His announcement was confusing and their mission is even more mind-boggling, but from what I understand, they essentially want to build a UFO, go into space and find out more about Aliens.

Obviously, building a UFO that is capable of heading into space is extremely expensive and while DeLonge undoubtedly made millions of dollars while performing with Blink-182, he is now looking for Crowd Funding in order to get his machine off of the ground (literally).

But, as the only evidence DeLonge has given is simply word-of-mouth rumours from the man himself, he has decided to ramp up the publicity by releasing the first-ever declassified footage of a UFO to the world via the company website. He made the announcement on his Instagram, saying:

"As promised, the first ever DECLASSIFIED videos of UFOs are on their way. In a few days, these videos will be presented to the world and along with them we will launch an Interim website that will grow into a robust partnership between Global Citizens and International Governments. These videos will be viewable here shortly, along with their documentation and chain of custody from the Department of Defense. We will also have a description and information on what you are watching. Coinciding with these videos, our most important announcement to date will be launched. Tell your parents and neighbors you knew about this before they did... because like it or not, they are about to hear about it. Invest at".

If this is genuinely true and Tom Delonge is really about to prove to us that Aliens do exist, then it's going to be one of the most insane news stories of all time. But let's be honest here, it's going to be one of those awful grainy videos where we see a strange dark object float across the screen, isn't it? It's going to be a bit rubbish, basically.

Whatever video Tom drops over the next few days, I, for one, will be tuning in to find out what it is. I'll also be taking a keen interest in the To The Stars Academy, if only to see Tom DeLonge try and get into space to find aliens. What a time to be alive.