A former Miss Russia contestant is being body-shamed because of her huge feet

A former Miss Russia contestant is being body-shamed because of her huge feet

The prevalence of social media platforms such as Instagram has helped skew society's conception of what is considered "beautiful". I mean, when you're constantly affronted by photographs of perfectly-retouched celebrities on a near-daily basis, you can't help but aspire to such near-impossible beauty standards. Certainly, Instagram models spend hours editing their selfies, before posting them to their legions of fans, who remain enamoured by their contouring skills and figures that remain "beach body ready", come rain or shine.

However, even those who have won the genetic lottery still feel the pressure to live up to the unreachable ideals that they themselves perpetuate. Case in point: the former Miss Russia has been repeatedly body-shamed on account of her, wait for it... feet.

Former Miss Russia contestant, Anastasia Reshetova, has been body-shamed on the social media platform, Instagram, for the size of her feet.

The model, who regularly posts on the photo-sharing app, has been repeatedly trolled on a number of her posts. Specifically, in a post which was innocuously captioned "the atmosphere is awesome", Anastasia is seen reclining on a sofa in an orange bathing suit, however, commentators appeared to be preoccupied with one thing, and one thing only: the size of her feet.

The post which received over 65,000 likes and hundreds of comments was littered with people expressing disbelief over the size of Anastasia's feet and cruelly calling them "flippers". One user even wrote, "We don’t see the atmosphere, we see the size."

While Anastasia has also had her fair share of nice comments, with people defending her by saying "Almost all tall people (above 1.79) have a large foot size. This is normal!!!", it's evident that she's not letting her shoe size drag her down.

Anastasia has continued to post images showing off her feet... And she was clearly poking fun at her haters when she chose to don a pair of flippers for a photograph.

I mean, she even posted this full-body shot, which she hilariously captioned "180cm of pleasure"

In any case, it would make sense that Anastasia's feet would be larger than the average woman's. Models tend to be taller than most people, and their shoe size normally corresponds to this number. Certainly, runway stompers such as Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks clock in at a size ten, and Victoria's Secret model and reality television star, Kendall Jenner has size eight feet.

In terms of famous actresses, household names such as Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman, and even the late, great Audrey Hepburn are all known for having disarmingly large feet. So if you ever feel self-conscious about how big your feet are, rest assured that you're in great company.

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