'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston donates $1 Million to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma

'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston donates $1 Million to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma

The world has felt the force of mother nature in recent months. Hurricane Harvey devastated vast swathes of southern American and then Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico shortly after. Regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica, the hurricane which struck on the 20th September, has caused $90 billion in damages across the Caribbean island.

As with any natural disaster of this kind, the impact on the citizens who were caught in the storm is staggering. Whilst the death toll is not yet certified, and remains frozen at 45, we're aware that nearly 90 per cent of the island remains without power. And as NBC reports, it could take up to half a year to restore electricity.

Additionally, much of the island's 3.4 million residents are in need of proper shelter and clean drinking water. And this problem, despite relief efforts from numerous countries, has not yet been rectified. As such, high-profile celebrities and the general public have found themselves moved by the plight of those affected by Hurricane Maria, and have been donating as generously as they can to the cause.

The latest being none other than Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, who made a generous donation of $1 million.

Aniston is reported to have made a donation of $500,000 (£376,000) to the American Red Cross disaster relief services in Puerto Rico. On top of that, she also donated the same amount to the Ricky Martin Foundation. This all adds up to $1 million (£752, 000), according to E! News.

The American Red cross has launched a multi-island relief effort in conjunction with Puerto Rican government officials and other disaster partners in order to kick-start the arduous recovery process. Likewise, the Ricky Martin Foundation has pledged to help the survivors of Hurricane Maria, aiming to restore some sense of normality in its aftermath.

A source spoke to E! News about Aniston's donation, saying:

"She is concerned that so much is still needed to be done for the victims of these recent hurricanes, especially Puerto Rico where there is still no power to most of the island. She hopes this inspires others to give what they can."

Puerto Rico native, singer and actor, Ricky Martin also acknowledged Aniston's donation. He took to Twitter to write,  "Jennifer Aniston U R amazing Thanx 4 donating $500k for our #PuertoRico relief fund We will never forget. U R saving lives Jenn #Allin4PR."

However, it's not just the rich and famous that have donated generously to the Hurricane Maria relief effort. The cruise company, Royal Caribbean, have sent out some their luxury fleet to aid the victims of the disaster. They even went as far as cancelling an upcoming voyage to send more ships to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Scheduled to depart from San Juan in Puerto Rico, Adventure of the Seas is remaining docked, and will also visit St Thomas and St Croix in the US Virgin Islands to offer assistance. They plan to deliver supplies, provide evacuees with shelter and will transport victims to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Maria.