Gigi Hadid faces ridiculous backlash over 'LOVE' video armpit hair

Gigi Hadid faces ridiculous backlash over 'LOVE' video armpit hair

Of all the controversial stuff celebrities have done, this just shouldn't even be in the news. I mean, the Karshashian pregnancy saga is still ongoing, the whole "Jelena" reunion happened, and Kim, Kanye and Taylor Swift are still dealing with their petty little drama. But I still have to write about this?

It's December 11, meaning it was time for LOVE magazine to release the 11th video in their annual advent calendar, and today, the killer female icon starring in it was Gigi Hadid. Days 1 to 10 included other influential feminist figures like Emily Ratajkowski, Rita Ora, Slick Woods and Gigi's younger sister Bella.

The 22-year-old supermodel has caused quite a stir – not for her frighteningly strong boxing moves, and not for the bold red lycra two-piece with her name on it – but for her armpit hair.


Please, watch the video for yourself and tell me if you did or did not vomit after seeing... (*whispers suspensefully*) the hairs. 

Gigi, who is undeniably one of the most beautiful people on earth right now, has received a lot of abusive comments online just for the fact that she's decided to grow her pits out and let the world see.

Now really BOO HOO because it's just not such a big deal. Women have armpit hair. Men have armpit hair. Some of us like to shave it off. Others don't. Chill, okay?

There are clearly a lot of big dummies out there who just can't fathom the idea that there are some women who don't like taking to their pits with a razor every few days as society commands, and who are so alarmingly freaked out by the whole thing that trolling the 22-year-old is their only way of relief.

Commenting on LOVE magazine's Instagram post of the video, haters left remarks like "ewww hairy armpits", "her armpit hair is yuck", and another chose to attack the model and the people supporting the decision to go unshaven by writing "'Oh, my gooood! She’s so cool, she has hair underarms, she is a true feminist!' Nope, she’s not."

Don't get me wrong – there were plenty of "yasss queen"s and "go Gigi's" as well, but there is just such an overwhelming amount of petty abuse and negativity about the video that is especially disappointing considering it's 2017.

Many tried to "excuse" the whole thing and calm everyone down, saying it was just a mistake and it was only a bit of fluff that stuck under Gigi's arms from her jacket. Hot DAMN why is everyone freaking out so much about just a bit of hair?!

Here is someone telling Gigi and the magazine what they "should" have done (err... according to who, exactly?):

"Her armpit hair was too distracting for me to watch the video. That should of been shaved. This magazine should of known this before shooting and releasing this video. Just not a clean look!"

While someone else ironically proved they knew nothing about "empowerment" by trying to tell someone else what being powerful is. The comment on YouTube read:

"They couldn't edit it for a second to remove the blue fuzz under her arm. Nothing about this is empowering. Power and respect comes from cunning, intellect and actions. The second you get naked thinking it's empowerment or twerk, you lose all mens respect."

Funnily enough, all you have to do is look for Emily Ratajkowski's day 3 video from the advent calendar to hear the rebuttal. She believes: "Personal choice is the core ideal in my concept of feminism."

"In fact, it has nothing to do with you at all and that's the point – which is why it feels good. Ultimately, if a woman wants to wear a burka or nothing at all, it's great if it's what she wants and feels good about."

Same goes for body hair. If she doesn't shave it – that's her choice. No-one owns your body, you don't own anyone else's body and nobody "should" be telling anyone what to do with theirs.

Let's all just be nice to each other, okay?