Grace Kelly's granddaughter is the spitting image of her in stunning Instagram post

Grace Kelly's granddaughter is the spitting image of her in stunning Instagram post

The golden age of Hollywood spawned legions of beauties. Screen sirens such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly were as renowned for their striking good looks as their on-screen talents. And as such, many continue to romanticize the 50s as a time of glamour and grace, best represented by the sartorial and cosmetic stylings of some of its biggest actresses.

And sure, Hollywood wasn't lacking when it came to good looking men. Marlon Brando continued to dazzle well into middle age, and of course, women (and men) regularly lost their wits over figures such as Carey Grant, Gregory Peck and James Dean.

Now whilst Elizabeth Taylor had her diamonds and husbands, that's not exactly what little girls care about - they care about tiaras and palaces, which is exactly what America's veritable sweetheart, Grace Kelly, came to possess.

After starring in several cinematic heavyweights such as Dial M For Murder, Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and High Society, Kelly retired from acting at the age of 26 to marry Rainier III and begin her duties as Princess of Monaco. Together, they had three children: Caroline, Albert II and Stéphanie.

And apparently good looks run in the family. I mean, Grace Kelly's 19-year-old granddaughter, Camille Gottilieb certainly won the genetic lottery, as her Instagram demonstrates.

Camille has amassed over 24.1k followers who are enamoured by her glamorous shots, not to mention the fact that Camille is the spitting image of her famous grandmother.

The similarity is uncanny. With her porcelain skin and striking blue eyes, Camille has clearly benefited from her star-studded ancestry.

The people of Instagram had quite the field day scrolling through Camille's snaps. The comments of her most recent post were inundated with admirers, who waxed lyrical about her similarity to Grace Kelly. One user wrote, "She has the same glamour as her grandmother Grace. It's precious", while another added: "completely a Grimaldi".

One point that everyone was very much united on, however, was Camille's smoking habit. Users took the time to warn Camille about the dangers of indulging in the unhealthy vice. "You are really young, for smoking, it is very bad for your health , take care of your life," one well-wisher chastised.

The teenager is the youngest daughter of 52-year-old Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. She also has a brother, Louis, who is 24, and a sister, 23-year-old Pauline Ducret.

Camille's mother, Stéphanie was involved in the accident which led to the death of her mother, Grace Kelly. Kelly died in September 1982 after driving around a hairpin curve towards the palace in Monaco. She crashed after suffering a stroke at the wheel. Stéphanie, who was also in the car, was only 17 years old at the time.

Kelly and Stéphanie were transported to the Monaco Hospital (now renamed to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre), where Kelly later died due to the brain injuries she sustained. Stéphanie suffered a hairline fracture, cervical fractures and broken ribs, all of which tragically prevented her from attending her mother's funeral.

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