Harvey Weinstein is suing his own company for 'exonerating' evidence

Harvey Weinstein is suing his own company for 'exonerating' evidence

This a**hole just won't quit, will he? I don't know about you, but it would take a pretty fevered, diseased ego to start suing people and claiming that you're cured a few weeks after being exposed for raping and harassing dozens of women over the course of three decades. The lack of self-awareness on this giant melting Jabba of a man is utterly astounding.

If his goal is to somehow salvage his legacy, I hope this only makes things worse. I mean honestly, why isn't this dude sitting in a jail cell, waiting for a rape trial? He's privileged and absurdly lucky just to be free right now.

So what exactly is Weinstein doing? Well, he plans on suing his old company, The Weinstein Company, for access to company records and documents that would 'exonerate' him. Not sure how an email disproves a violent rape, or the recording of him coercing a woman into his room in brazen manipulation, but alright.

Weinstein's lawyer, no doubt being paid very well, said: “Mr. Weinstein believes his email account — which is the primary, if not only, account he used during the term of his employment by the Company — will contain information exonerating him, and therefore the Company, from claims that may be asserted against him or the Company.”

It's just pathetic. It's so obvious what he wants - emails of actresses being friendly with him after the assaults to 'prove' that nothing happened. But that's the most cowardly garbage in the world. Obviously they were nice to him - he got away with raping them in the first place because they couldn't afford to strain their relationship with him. Obviously they'd want to pretend everything was cool, or they'd be blacklisted out of Hollywood.

He's going to start smearing women and going on a scorched-Earth campaign to defend his indefensible name. Why? Dude, just take your money and go live alone in a jungle compound somewhere, just stay out of everyone's lives.

Weinstein's lawyer added that he's seeking the documents to “assist in his defense of civil and criminal allegations arising out of or in connection with his employment at TWC and potentially to aid in investigating claims arising out of the wrongful termination of his employment.”

He's being sued for at least 5 million dollars, and more lawsuits are certain to crop up, so he's trying to protect his legacy and his fortune. But when you're a serial rapist, I don't think you deserve to, at all. It is true that an allegation does not equate to guilt. But in Weinstein's case, considering the power he held in Hollywood, the recordings that have been leaked, and the sheer number and detail of accusers, there is no wriggling out of this one.

We know the truth, and he can't erase it. Too bad for him, right? So what do you think? Perhaps a relevant detail: Weinstein attended a literal week of sex therapy. That's right, one week, and then he quit. This man is a joke. Tear his name off the company and erase his achievements, burn down the rotten tower.