Heartwarming new images show Macaulay Culkin looking happy and healthy again

Heartwarming new images show Macaulay Culkin looking happy and healthy again

Child actors don't tend to take a normal path. Growing up with a sudden influx of rabid fans and millions of dollars heading your way is weird enough as an adult, but as a kid it's an entirely different matter. There are exceptions to the rule, such as Natalie Portman and Jodie Foster, who both grew up to have successful careers in Hollywood without any bizarre diversions, but Macauley Culkin didn't fare quite so well.

Most people know Culkin for his career-making role in Home Alone and its sequel Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, but in more recent years he's become more well-known for his occasional weird forays into the public eye.

One of the strangest projects he undertook was The Pizza Underground, a band he started in 2013 and remained a part of for three years. Their music was particularly niche, as they covered songs by The Velvet Underground, but replaced the lyrics with pizza-related words.

They even performed live, where they didn't always receive such a warm welcome, despite giving out free pizza at their gigs. A concert in Nottingham, England, ended in Culkin storming off stage as his kazoo solo was interrupted by the crowd jeering and throwing drinks at the band.

In more strange and pizza-adjacent Macauley Culkin trivia, he uploaded a video onto YouTube in December 2013 titled "Macauley Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza". The video contains exactly what you would expect from the title, with the former actor shot eating one slice of pizza, in silence, for over four minutes. With this being the first time many of us (the video received over 3 million views) had seen him in a long time, it wasn't exactly what we expected.

But now he's emerged into the public eye once again and he's looking like a changed man. Gone are the strange looks, behavior and drug offences, as he is now completely sober and looking healthy once again.

Now, this month, he has also been spotted with his new girlfriend, actress Brenda Song.

At the age of 18, Culkin married actor Rachel Miner, but that lasted only two years. Shortly after, he began dating Mila Kunis, with their relationship lasting 11 years. In recent years he has been dating actress, singer and model Jordan Lane Price, and spending most of his time living in Paris. But now it seems he is dating Song, who also started acting at a young age.

Song and Culkin are set to appear together in an upcoming movie named Changeland, which is directed and written by Seth Green, who Culkin has had a close friendship with since they met on the set of 2003's Party Monster. This will be Culkin's first major film in years, and could potentially start up his acting career all over again. Let's hope it all goes down well!