Here’s how celebrities are reacting to the death of Marvel legend Stan Lee

Here’s how celebrities are reacting to the death of Marvel legend Stan Lee

On Monday, it was announced that legendary comic book creator Stan Lee had passed away. In his 95 years, he accomplished a great deal; he was in his 40s when he created The Fantastic Four comic, which both launched his ascent into superstardom, and helped establish Marvel Comics as the giant of the industry it is today.

Throughout the next few decades, he wrote hundreds of comics across multiple series, credited with co-creating some of Marvel's biggest heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, Thor, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Black Widow and the X-Men. Over the last last fifteen years or so, we've seen these creations become some of the most successful and popular movies ever made, and his creations are still having an effect - both on the fans, and those he has worked with.

In the wake of his death, many celebrities mourned him, sharing heartfelt messages to celebrate his life:

Robert Downey Jr.

The actor's big Hollywood comeback was with Iron Man 10 years ago, a character created by Lee in 1963.

Chris Evans

Evans has played two of Lee's creations, the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, and more recently as Captain America.

Ryan Reynolds

Lee had cameos in both Deadpool movies, in which Reynolds is the star.

Zoe Saldana

Saldana, who plays Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, paid tribute to "one of the greats".

Tom Holland

Holland has played what is likely the writer's most iconic creation, Spider-Man, in recent films.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman starred as Wolverine in various X-Men movies, a series started by Lee.

Mark Hamill

The Luke Skywalker actor spoke of his "childhood idol".

Joss Whedon

Whedon wrote and directed the first two Avengers movies - a team created by Lee in 1963.

Seth Rogen

Kevin Smith

Anthony Mackie

Mackie plays Falcon in the Avengers and Captain America films. Falcon was also created by Stan Lee in 1969, and was the first African-American superhero in the medium.

Dwayne Johnson

Tom Hardy

Hardy recently played Eddie Brock in Venom, a character that first appeared in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jimmy Kimmel

Winton Duke

Duke played M'Baku in Black Panther.

Jaime Alexander

Based on the Norse goddess, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character that would later be portrayed by Alexander in the Thor series.

Elizabeth Banks

Banks played Betty Brant in the original Spider-Man trilogy, a character that Lee wrote into his initial Spider-Man run.

Halle Berry

The actress took on the role of Storm in the X-Men films.

Samuel L. Jackson

Nick Fury was created by Kirby and Lee in 1963, and was later portrayed by Jackson in various Marvel Studios films.

Kat Dennings

The actress played Darcy Lewis in Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo has played Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the latest Marvel movies, a character created by Lee and Kirby in 1962.

Zachary Levi

Levi played Fandral, created by Lee and Kirby, in the Thor movies.

Rosario Dawson

Dawson played Claire Temple in the Netflix series Daredevil, a series originally created by Lee and artist Bill Everett.

Lou Ferrigno

Ferrigno starred in the live-action Incredible Hulk series in the late 70s.

Letitia Wright

Wright appeared as Shuri in Black Panther, a series created by Lee and Kirby.

Ice T

Evangeline Lily

Lily played The Wasp in the Ant-Man film series, based on a character created by Lee, Ernie Hart and Jack Kirby in 1963.

Travis Scott

Sebastian Stan

Stan played Buck Barnes aka The Winter Soldier in the Captain America movies.


Dave Bautista

The ex-wrestler has played Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Jason Isaacs

Tessa Thompson

Thompson played Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.

The Russo Brothers

Joe and Anthony Russo directed two of the Captain America movies, Avengers: Infinity War, and the upcoming Avengers 4. It has been said that Lee has already filmed his cameo for the latter film.

While it's sad to see him go, Lee accomplished a lot in his lifetime - and his work continues to live on after him, inspiring many to overcome personal challenges, spark their imagination, and find strength in their differences.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family.