'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks' ex wife makes cheating revelation over his new girlfriend Chloe Green

'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks' ex wife makes cheating revelation over his new girlfriend Chloe Green

In the materialistic society we live in, far too much gravitas is placed on physical appearance. Rather than appreciating people for their character, intelligence or empathy, we immediately judge individuals based on how their looks conform to society's oft-unachievable beauty standards. Case in point: the hot felon of yesteryear.

Also known as Jeremy Meeks, the "hot felon" swapped a life of crime for the world of high-fashion when his mugshot went viral after local police posted it to Facebook. The image garnered an eye-watering 75,000 likes, 20,000 comments and over 10,000 shares.

The 33-year-old, who has also been dubbed "The Blue-Eyed Bandit" and "Jail Bae" was charged with gun possession and resisting arrest in June of 2014. And his fame only escalated when he was photographed canoodling with  Topshop heiress, Chloe Green on a yacht off the coast of Turkey last summer, while still married. Meeks had been involved with his now-ex-wife, Melissa, for eight years and they share two young sons together.

But now, Melissa has hit back, alleging that Meeks has already cheated on his new girlfriend.

After she was left devastated to discover that her husband had been cheating on her, Jeremy Meeks' estranged wife has claimed that she's not the only person who has fallen victim to the hot felon's philandering ways.

In a sensational Instagram post, Melissa, who had stuck by the Meeks' side all throughout his prison sentence, alleged that her ex-husband had already cheated on his girlfriend, Chloe Green.

Firstly thanking her followers for all their support, Melissa wrote:

"Thank you for all the positive love...I’ve never been in a better place in my life than I am now. My ex husband has already been unfaithful in his new relationship. With me... Id rather be alone and happy with self respect then to be played."

The claims have come in while the pair are still locked in divorce proceedings. Earlier this week, Melissa filed legal documents demanding child support from her ex-husband. In the papers, she claims that Meeks "stopped paying for their son while he [pursued] his modelling career" and that she was left swamped with bills.

While Meeks has alleged that he's pulling in an impressive $1 million a month from numerous modelling contracts, the mother of his children has asserted that she receives a paltry $6,000 in comparison.

Additionally, Melissa has asserted that Meeks as well as his girlfriend, billionaire heiress Chloe Green had "slut-shamed" her on the internet. After she had a picture of her posing in her lingerie removed from Instagram, she retaliated by saying, "Shame on Ms. Green for attempting to slut shame me." She continued:

"Jeremy struts around on a catwalk in his underwear and that's okay for our son to see, but my attempts to help shape my public image are wrong? I would not even have a public image if not for Jeremy's tabloid adventures. I am shocked that Jeremy and his attorney attempt to slut shame me as they do."

Well, it looks like this very messy love triangle isn't set to die down anytime soon.