Human Ken doll reveals what he looked like before the surgery

Human Ken doll reveals what he looked like before the surgery

The prevalence of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram has helped mould society's conception of what is considered to be "attractive". Bombarded by images of perfectly-retouched celebrities, we can't help but aspire to the near-impossible standards of beauty that appear on the covers of magazines, billboards and our social media feeds.

Certainly, we live in a world where the people that we vicariously live through have gained fame and fortune by being born into the right family, or by winning the genetic lottery. Instagram models spend hours editing and perfecting their selfies, before releasing them to their legion of fans who are in awe of their contouring skills and figures that remain "beach body ready", come rain or shine.

As such, we consumers are trapped in a vicious cycle of denouncing these ideals, yet simultaneously trying to live up to them. Indeed, the man who has been dubbed the "Human Ken Doll" has openly asserted that he enjoys being part of a "new generation of a modern society", in which he can easily reinvent himself with plastic surgery.

Rodrigo Alves looked like a different person before he had £450,000 worth of plastic surgery. The 34-year-old has repeatedly stated that he believes that he was born into the wrong body. As such, he has spent nearly half of his life undergoing various procedures to achieve what he believes to be bodily "perfection".
Now, he wants to share just how much progress he has made towards his goal. On an Instagram post, he wrote:

"I was not born this way ! I made my self this way. It has been a very long journey for me and it is a On going process, i represent I new generation of a modern society where we have the freedom to be what you wanna be and showcase that on social network. It feels good to be at home and to be able to let me hair down barefoot no make up no fancy clothing no noise only the sound of the birds singing and the breeze from the sea that blows the trees around my house."

Alves has now undergone 58 operations, the first of which occurred in the year 2000. And his quest to achieve the look of the plastic doll has taken him all over the world. Speaking to the Sun Online, Alves revealed that he has sought out the best plastic surgeons in the USA, as well as Brazil, Europe and the Middle East, to help him become his "true self".
Certainly, looking at photographs of Alves prior to his surgeries reveals just how dramatic the transformation was:

Speaking to the Sun Online, Alves said:

"I was born in the wrong body and I have spent my entire life trying to reveal the real me. Now I’ve achieved my dream face and body I plan to stop the ageing process using stem cell technology. I’ve already had lots of them injected into my face, scalp and bloodstream. My aim to always look ageless and maintain my unique looks, after all there is no other man or another Rodrigo Alves that looks like me. I get a lot of attention due to my artificial looks – but I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all."

Alves disclosed that his desire for such drastic transformation stemmed from being bullied at school. "At age of 17 I had my first plastic surgery [...] I had boobs as you saw - I was bullied at school for that. I had my face pushed against the urinal because I had a wide nose."

And implying that it all could have been different if he'd received some support either at school or at home, he continued: "my parents were going through divorce so I didn’t bother them. If they had noticed or the teachers had it would have been a very different situation."

He has since attended therapy sessions in an attempt to try to understand the motives behind his actions.

"After one year of treatment, the doctors agreed that I was perfectly sane but that I just had a mirror image issue. I can only describe it as having a feeling that I was born in the wrong body. In my dreams I look a certain way, but then getting up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself."

Since becoming an official ambassador on the subject of body image and plastic surgery by the Aesthetic Academy in the USA, however, Alves has decided to tone it down on the surgery front. He recently announced that he is no longer going to be getting a gastric bypass, but will be hitting the gym instead.

Here's to hoping that Alves learns to be content with his appearance. After all, all those surgeries can be rather pricey...