Ivanka Trump calls her father 'daddy' and he says 'I like that' in North Dakota speech

Ivanka Trump calls her father 'daddy' and he says 'I like that' in North Dakota speech

Ivanka Trump is a psy-op. By that, I mean that she, like the rest of her family, are the continual source of psychological fetishization, the eternal search for a perfect mandala, a hint of order or meaning, only to find that they are black holes with not much to offer; shallow, basic people like the rest of us who have simply fallen into too much power.

Writing about Melania's heels, Ivanka's purses, Barron's clothing, and Donald Trump's tweets is just another appendage of the vast social media body that has gutted politics and replaced it with culture. Indeed, that is the ultimate image of Trump: a cultural resentment taking the place of actual discussions of policy.

On one end, there are some bitter, scorned, self-destructive white Americans who have seen their job prospects vanish in the past three decades, and have taken out their frustrations on the world by supporting Trump, a man who is larger than life, a potential escape from the cycle of unending decline. Instead, he only accelerates that cycle.

On the other end is a limited bubble of self-important, pseudo-enlightened liberals who believe the whole world is filled with idiots, and all the evil of the Earth exists outside of them, despite the fact that they constantly feed its worst impulses.

So I will tell you what Donald Trump said. It will probably be disturbing. But do not mistake this incident for a profound insight into the Trump family. It is, in the final analysis, one more hallucination before the mirage fades and we face finally the rippling curtain of cosmic dark on the horizon, the truth that we, primitive cave-dwellers evolved to the state of 'humanity', are not equipped biologically to handle a world that switches between major life-threatening issues everyday, and inundates the masses with infinite gossip.

Speaking to North Dakotans about tax reform, Trump said this about his daughter:

"She's so good, she wanted to make the trip. She said, 'dad can I go...' She actually said, 'daddy, can I go with you?' I like that. I said yes you can."

Of course, he's bad with words here. He doesn't mean it in a sexual way, but that's just the way it looks. This happens a lot with Trump and his speeches.

But he is a creepy guy. We've known this for years and years. We've known it since Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were both listed as alleged fellow-travelers in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's private underage sex island. Each day is an exercise in having the same be cast out from our hands and roil back to us on sicker tides.

The dim, damp and dank omniscient pressure of a future we don't understand presses upon our ears. We can barely stand the reverb. So what do we do? We fixate upon those who seem so shallow and yet run the world.

"Surely, it cannot be this bad," we imagine. "Surely, someone or something is running this rudder. It is the confederacy, the Neo-Nazis, and Trump is their Hitler. Or it is the Russians, and their grand masterplan, surely there is something beneath the surface of these choppy waters, some reason beyond impulse and scorn for the world we face today."

A delirious rehashing of 20th century ideologies is supposed to save us from the eternal now. But I doubt it will.

History, as Terence McKenna said, is a "runaway train on a dark and stormy night". No further clarity will come from the Trumps. No clarity will come from the Russians.

Make yourself a vessel, and churn through these seas. No one will come for you, no one will grasp your hand. Yeah, Trump has some weird ideas about women, including his family members. And your life remains the same. The Trump family's whole life is the politicization of celebrity alone, with the false pretense that a deeper truth is elicited.

The truth is rough. That is why it is true! But you see it, don't you? What's coming? On the North Korean Peninsula, in the eye of the hurricane, in the rising sea and the gleaming eye of the boy who grasps sand and thinks himself a king of diamonds? Brace yourselves. And keep reading.