Johnny Depp's appearance on talk show causes outrage on social media

Johnny Depp's appearance on talk show causes outrage on social media

Over the past few weeks, two prominent men in Hollywood have come under fire for alleged sexual assaults and acts of inappropriate behaviour towards vulnerable individuals.

First there was Harvey Weinstein, who had dozens of accusations levelled against him - ranging all the way from uninvited sexual comments to rape - and has since checked into rehab, claiming he has an "addiction". Then, at the beginning of this week, it emerged that Kevin Spacey has done some questionable things in the past, not least of all coming on to a 14-year-old boy back in the 1980s.

Even so, these men are far from the only Hollywood stars to have been outed as abusing their power. Roman Polanksi, Woody Allen and Bill Cosby are all known for their predatory behaviour, and there are many more rumours about other prominent figures.

However, while some people have been exposed for their sexual abuse, others have been criticised for being physically violent - and Johnny Depp is one of them.

Considering that Depp's ex-wife, Amber Heard, only separated from him last year on the grounds that he was physically abusive towards her, it seems in very poor taste to allow him to still profit from the limelight that Hollywood offers - especially in the wake of so many stories of violence against women.

And yet, he was invited on The Graham Norton show last night.

Just before introducing Depp and the other guests, Norton made allusions to the events which have taken place over the last week, saying, "It has been a week of sleaze, hasn’t it? A week of sleaze. There have been so many allegations, people’s careers are collapsing like a house of… dominoes."

Then, without a hint of irony, he brought on a known abuser who miraculously avoided a career collapse - and the internet got mad.

If nothing else, allowing Johnny Depp to still star in films and get invited on TV shows - regardless of what the current events of the week may be - shows that the image of a Hollywood elite is more important than the justice received by a victim of that person.

What's more, Depp appeared to be intoxicated during his appearance on the late-night chat show, with many viewers commenting that he must have been either drunk or stoned.

This comes just after his questionable appearance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday night, where he was in attendance of the premier for Murder on the Orient Express. While on the red carpet, Depp had to be propped up by an aide as he shuffled along with an undone bow-tie and a rather overwhelmed expression.

According to sources who were present at the event, the 54-year-old star "reeked of alcohol", and "everyone thought he'd been drinking".

There has been some speculation on the state of Depp's health recently, with some sources close to him stipulating that the actor is still struggling to get over his split from Heard. Though some have tried to dispute whether or not any abuse ever took place in their relationship, people who knew the couple backed up Amber's claims.

When she received her $9.2million divorce settlement, she gave it all to charities - with half going to an organisation which works to prevent domestic abuse.