Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler from 'Stranger Things' are dating in real life

Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler from 'Stranger Things' are dating in real life

Well howdy-do, this is some exciting news.

For those who have watched Netflix's Stranger Things, you'll know about sweet, lovely Nancy Wheeler, the teenage sister to certified legend and Demogorgon fighter Mike. She's your average teenage girl – hating on her parents, "experimenting" with alcoholic beverages and starting to attract the attention of some boys at school. Let's just not even mention Barb (sorry, Barb).

Nancy is pursued by class hunk and popular boy Steve Harrington, who Nancy inevitably develops a crush on. She goes to his house, chugs some beer, takes her clothes off and goes for a cheeky dip in the pool. Meanwhile, the token ~weird artsy kid~ Jonathan Byers watches creepily by and takes photos of Nancy next to the pool in her underwear.

Anyway, over the course of the first season, a love triangle develops between sweet Nancy, hunky Steve, and misunderstood Jonathan. Everyone comes to feel a bit sorry for and eventually like Jonathan, which is why it makes everyone feel nice when their romantic connection lets off little sparks every now and again through the drama of the season. But ultimately (last minute spoiler alert), Nancy ends up with Steve and Jonathan stays "just a friend".

This disappointed a lot of people, who really wanted Jonathan to win for once and end up with his dream girl. So the news that Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler might be dating in real life has the potential to get a lot of people in a frenzy. 

Just yesterday, a paparazzi snapped a pic of actors Natalia Dyer (Nancy) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) casually strolling around New York City... WHILE HOLDING HANDS.

That's the kind of hand-holding action that people who are a little bit more than just co-workers engage in. The 20-year-old American actress and the 23-year-old actor from England met while filming the show, which was first released on Netflix in July last year.

The internet is giddy with excitement about what the hand-holding photo suggests:

But others have been quick to point out that duh, this is kind of old news. Fans of the show haven't let hints over the past few months go unnoticed, over-analysing any piece of evidence they can get their hands on.

Some people think the pair have actually been together a while now, based on images that have circulated the internet before.

Like this post from Dyer's own Instagram page, suggesting that the two might've gone on a trip to Barcelona together:

Then there's this post from last year's National Ice Cream day by Dyer, featuring a male hand:

And then this year's National Ice Cream day, depicting Heaton and a FEMALE HAND:

They've been snapped traveling through LAX together:

And they're usually sitting together at swanky events and getting photos together on the red carpet. Although nothing's been confirmed, these are all tell-tale signs of a celebrity romance. And the pic of them hand-holding: that's almost a guarantee that the two actors are an item. Yippee!