Justin Bieber gets obsessed fan in her forties arrested

Justin Bieber gets obsessed fan in her forties arrested

As well as being pretty much the most famous singer of his generation, Justin Bieber is - unfortunately - also known for his various brushes with the law. In his more formative years, the Canadian musician was accused of reckless driving, vandalism, and driving under the influence (and we've all seen the mugshot).

This time, however, he was not the perpetrator of a crime, but the victim.

Over the past week, Bieber has been terrorised by an obsessed fan who has repeatedly trespassed onto his property and tried to break into his house. Last night, the fan - who is believed to be a woman in her forties - made a third attempt at entering the singer's Beverly Hills property, forcing Bieber to report the woman to police.

Law enforcement spoke to TMZ about the incident, and confirmed that they were called to the star's home at about 7.30pm. Bieber was home at the time, but the trespasser did not have the opportunity to make contact with him, as she was apprehended by police before she actually made it into the property.

According to reports, she had already been warned about her behaviour by security, but continued to behave inappropriately towards 23-year-old Bieber.

This is not the first time the singer has had to deal with strangers entering his home, either. Three years ago, a woman named Qianying Zhao was found sleeping in Bieber's Atlanta mansion.

Zhao claimed that she'd been invited to the house for a birthday party but, upon finding nobody in the property when she arrived, believed she'd turned up too late to the celebration - and so took a nap instead. When she was arrested for trespassing, the woman did not seem to believe she was doing anything wrong, and apologised for the misunderstanding.

But this did not deter other fans from attempting to get into Bieber's house.

In 2015, two 12-year-old girls broke into their idol's property. This time, however, the singer was there.

According to reports, Bieber had been outside by the pool with some friends when the girls were spotted. Understandably, the singer was outraged to find strangers loitering on his property, and so confronted the pre-teens. At one point, he is said to have confiscated one of their phones, but he eventually let them go without calling law enforcement.

Hopefully, now the most recent trespasser has been formally booked for her actions, other fans will leave the singer alone - especially as he has specifically taken a break from his career in order to have some personal time.

According to a source close to the musician, Bieber took some time out from performing because, "He was just not himself. He was profoundly unhappy. [He was] exhausted, [and had] low energy. He was just miserable. He needed to step back, re-calibrate, and then figure out his next move."

In his most recent Instagram posts from this weekend, though, the star seems to be enjoying life - and his new tattoos. Though fans are a little upset that their favourite singer won't be touring again any time soon, it's great to see him back on form.