Kevin Hart drunkenly argues with Super Bowl security after being prevented from joining trophy ceremony

Kevin Hart drunkenly argues with Super Bowl security after being prevented from joining trophy ceremony

The Super Bowl is a monumental event for a lot of people. While it all comes down to two teams competing for a trophy, the amount of anticipation and general buzz around the event grows far beyond it. A lot of the people watching from viewing parties across the nation are there for the result of the exciting game, but others are there for the spectacle of the halftime show. Having an excuse to eat and drink beer for a few hours goes down pretty well too.

This year it was Justin Timberlake who took to the stage for the assembled crowds, returning there after his last appearance fourteen years ago. His previous performance didn't go down as well after the now-infamous wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson, but this time it seems like his 12-minute act all went pretty smoothly.

There are also, of course, the numerous trailers and advertisements that populate the breaks, where the biggest brands and blockbusters get their expensive (but brief) 30 seconds in front of the world. But this year the spotlight was on the Philadelphia Eagles after a historic win for the team.

The Eagles defeated frequent finalists the New England Patriots by 41-33. It was not only their first NFL title since 1960, but their first ever Super Bowl win. As you can expect, for Eagles fans celebrations went well into the night, with many becoming at least a little bit inebriated. In fact, one fan who was particularly happy about the result was stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart, a die-hard fan who couldn't hold back his love for the team, or, indeed, his drink.

Hart somehow made it onto the NFL Network's live post-game show, where they were interviewing Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. Hart came on to talk about the game, admitting to being drunk and rambling about how happy he was. "I hope this is an example of what we can do," he said, before letting slip, "we gave a f*ck".

Realise that swearing on live TV is a big no-no, he covered his mouth, dropped the mic and bailed from the set as quickly as he came. While he left before he could create more chaos, minutes earlier he had been in trouble for something else.

He can be seen in part of the post-match TV coverage trying to make his way to where the Vince Lombardi Trophy was being taken to the stage, where it would be presented to the victorious team.

Either hoping to touch the trophy himself or even lift it with his team, he came face-to-face with a huge security guard, who quickly made sure the actor stayed far away from it.

It turns out, while being a world-famous celebrity gets you into a lot of places, it doesn't get you everywhere. No doubt Hart had an amazing night regardless.