Khal Drogo and Tormund from 'Game of Thrones' have a wonderful real-life bromance

Khal Drogo and Tormund from 'Game of Thrones' have a wonderful real-life bromance

While many will argue about their favourite characters on Game of Thrones, from Tyrion to Daenerys to Arya, there are a few characters that, regardless of their screen time or importance to the story, will always be close to the hearts of fans across the world. One of those characters is definitely Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa).

Drogo was the chieftain of the Dothraki all the way back in season one of the show, but whose shadow still looms over the series to this day. He began as a hateable brutal warlord who Daenerys was effectively sold to, but through his passionate love for his Khaleesi, ended up transforming into a beloved character - one we dearly missed when he died in the season one finale.

Behind the scenes, Momoa has shown himself to be a comedic talent too, often being the highlight of the Game of Thrones panels at comic con, something that continues to be the case as he promotes the upcoming superhero film Justice League. This current press tour led him to London recently, where he reunited with none other than Emilia Clarke, who played the "moon of his life" on the show.

On the other side of Game of Thrones' world, we met Tormund Giantsbane, played by Kristofer Hivju. A wildling warrior north of the wall, his bizarre stories and savage sense of humour won him fans immediately. And guess who met up with Momoa soon after his trip to London?

The actor, who is playing Aquaman in the Justice League movie this year, spent 24 hours in Belfast this week, and seems to have made close friends with Tormund himself while he was there. The two of them had never acted alongside each other, and have never even been on the same press tours, but that didn't stop finding a new friend and declaring him "a f***ing legend".

Jason Momoa has shared photos of him partying with the rest of the Game of Thrones cast, who are apparently filming in Ireland as we speak. Along with Tormund, we got to see Momoa out on the town with none other than Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos), and Rory McCann (The Hound).

The full caption read:

"Unite the clans. 24hrs in Belfast GOT Super honored to once apart of this show. I love seeing all my friends and new ones @khivju your a fucking legend Mad crazy love to Dan and David and Every one i saw i know u just started good luck with filming the greatest show in history have fun Aloha Drogo".

When you really think about it, this all may be more than it seems. Last time we saw Tormund he was potentially buried under the wall, which collapsed after an attack from the Night King and his newly-revived dragon. If Hivju is hanging around Belfast while they film - maybe that means he survived?