Khloe Kardashian just let a major clue slip on Instagram over her pregnancy rumours

Khloe Kardashian just let a major clue slip on Instagram over her pregnancy rumours

At present, any attempt to keep up with the Kardashians is something of a full time occupation.

Such is the dazzling array of updates from behind the luxuriant gates of Kardashian land, it takes a connoisseur, nay an afficionado to reel off the many lip kits, pregnancy rumours, family dramas and baby names beginning with the letter 'K' that represent 2017 in the kingdom of Kardash.

The year didn't get off to the best of starts for the family, after Kendall Jenner became embroiled in a row over a badly judged Pepsi campaign that appeared to draw insensitive parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, Kendall and her sister Kylie found themseleves on the reeving end of another backlash after they released a line of t shirts featuring facades of musical icons with their own faces superimposed on top.

That particular fashion venture was quickly pulled amidst heavy criticism, though the year has yielded its fair share of profit for the family, too. Kylie Jenner's makeup business is thriving and proving a lucrative source of wealth for the young businesswoman, while interest in the family is arguably at an all time high thanks in no small part to the incessant pregnancy rumours surrounding Kylie and Khloe.

Are they pregnant? Are they not pregnant?

At this point, the Earth shattering disappointment that would surely follow should they turn out not to be pregnant after months of carefully massaged PR to the contrary would be surely be too much for the public to bare, and yet there has still been no official announcement that two more babies with a first name beginning with 'K' will be joining the Kardashian ranks around the festive season.

There have been multiple red herrings thus far, of course; suspicious Snapchats, decidedly colourful Christmas tree decorations and provocative Halloween costumes. All of these have whipped fans into a veritable frenzy over the notion that Kylie and Khloe could both be pregnant.

While the former is thought to be taking something of a break from public life for the time being, Khloe has stirred the rumour pot (is that a thing?) once again with a pretty blatant comment on an Instagram post, to her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star Tristan Thompson.

I mean, I'll be damned if that isn't ocular proof that there will soon be a mini Kardashian running around the place. Could it be a mere affectionate nickname? Usually I'd say yes, possibly, but in the context of all of the furore and rumours of late, surely Khloe could not have used the pet name by coincidence?

Of course, her Insta followers picked up on the nickname instantly, and many certainly seemed to take it as proof that she will indeed have a child with Thompson. What do you think? Is this the proof we have been waiting for?