Kim Kardashian is done with Caitlyn Jenner

Kim Kardashian is done with Caitlyn Jenner

Kim Kardashian supported Caitlyn Jenner throughout her transition, but it appears that old family secrets have surfaced to tear the two apart. Of course, earlier this year, Kim was expressing doubts about Caitlyn's moral integrity.

Kim said about Caitlyn's history of marriage: “She just literally started three families with three different people and f—ed everyone over," referencing Chrystie Crownover, Linda Thompson, and Kris Jenner. Caitlyn has three children with each woman from each marriage.

Kris Jenner also opened up to Kim about Caitlyn's unwillingness to pay bills:

“She never paid a bill from 1972. She didn’t know how much a gardener was, and in the book writes: ‘Well, Kris didn’t need me anymore. All the checks for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they all went to Kris.’ Went to Kris?! How about it went to the mortgage, and the insurance, and education?”

The book in question is Caitlyn's memoir, which was released this spring, and has caused Kim and Kris to get together and air their grievances about Caitlyn Jenner.

Jenner, also, was involved in a bizarre manslaughter case where she killed an old woman by hitting the back of her car in 2015, pushing her into traffic where she died instantly. Jenner was never charged or sued because, uh, plot armor?

Apparently, much of Kim's current falling out with Caitlyn has to do with a suspect passage in her tell-all memoir, The Secrets of my Life (really bad, generic title btw).

Kim reads aloud to the family:

"It says in Caitlyn's book Robert Kardashian (Kim's biological father) knew O.J. Simpson was guilty but joined the defense team to get back at his remarried ex...Robert told Caitlyn in secret after the O.J. murder trial that he believed his friend was guilty."

Kim then gets pretty emotional over it:

"It is so shady that Caitlyn came over and gave me the book and then on the phone she said, ‘Well, the final version has a few more things in it. But don't worry, it's nothing about you.' So she lied to me because that is about me if it's about our dad...if you talk about my dad I will cut you."

She later said:

"I have always had Caitlyn's back. She is a liar. She is not a good person."

Ah, the old 'turning the family against you by lying or unearthing some old secret in the multi-million-dollar memoir'. Rich people problems.

Well, there you have it. That's about as much Kardashian gossip as we have for today. No more, no more! We usher away the hungry, covering the feeding troughs and bringing them in for a nightly refreshing, for the morrow to return with new gossip and fresh news about celebrities, to refill our buckets and troughs with the golden syrup cider that tastes bitter and raw but looks so gleaming gold and brings such fabulous returns.

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