Kim Kardashian faces huge backlash over video taken after daughter's birth

Kim Kardashian faces huge backlash over video taken after daughter's birth

Well, we finally have it: the first Kardashian baby of the year. While Kim and Kanye's surrogacy journey was never kept hush-hush, unlike that of Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy (which has since been revealed) and Kylie Jenner's (which still remains classified intel), we still haven't seen a picture of the baby girl, nor do we know what her famous parents have decided to call her.

This is Kim and Kanye's third child, after five-year-old North and three-year-old Saint. And as any Kardashian-Jenner fan will be aware of, it was quite a struggle for Kim to have a third child. After enduring complications such as placenta accreta after the birth of her first two children, and a historic fight with infertility, the 37-year-old has become increasingly outspoken about the fact that choosing the surrogate route wasn't exactly her "choice" at all. Fans of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star were then shocked and appalled when Kim took to her Instagram stories to post a video of her doing anything but spending time with her newborn yesterday.

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian brought home her newborn baby, who was born via surrogate on Monday. However, instead of spending the ensuing days connecting and bonding with her newborn, her Instagram stories showed her working out, and plugging nutritional supplements - to the obvious chagrin of her followers.

Posting a video of herself standing next to some weights, Kim captioned the Instagram snap "quick workout while she sleeps". She then posted a clip promoting a nutritional supplement of vitamin gummies, that the social media star claims encourages hair growth.

While many fans won't have a problem with Kim's social media activity, considering it to be nothing out of the ordinary, others expressed "disgust" at the fact that the mother-of-three chose to spend the first days of her newborn daughter's life working out and doing paid promotions.

One person wrote, "So assuming she's bothering with the new baby at all, now North and Saint get even less attention, because when the baby sleeps, instead of spending the time with them, she dumps them to work on that monstrosity of a body?" while another corroborated, "She sure loves self promotion, apparently so much she can't even spend time with her newborn child for even the first 24 hours she is home without doing her thing. Also, she clearly loves staring at herself in her iPhone camera, she looks like she is almost in a trance."

One fan thought that Kim's behaviour had more to do with using a surrogate. "Must be a strange feeling being able to work out when you have a baby that's 24 hours old. That's the beauty of having a surrogate I suppose! No recovery."

Whilst most women wouldn't have the luxury of exercising a mere 24 hours after giving birth, it's evident that the charmed life of Kim Kardashian is rather removed from ours. Though money can't buy happiness, it certainly can purchase a surrogate and nannies.