Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Bel-Air home was targeted by thieves

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Bel-Air home was targeted by thieves

Last year, Kim Kardashian's world was shaken to its core when she was robbed at gunpoint while staying in a Parisian hotel. In the aftermath of the attack, the 36-year-old socialite went through a great ordeal, even at one point retreating from the public eye in an attempt to recover from such a psychologically unsettling event.

Now, a year on from those harrowing events, Kim has had to contend with another robbery, as the home she shares with her husband Kanye West was targeted by thieves early on Friday morning. E! News broke the story, saying that two suspects attempted to breach their Bel-Air home around four in the morning local time.

A report by the Los Angeles Police Department says that two suspects attempted to enter the residence of the mansion. One was hiding in the bushes, while another approached and entered a nearby car, but both suspects fled the scene after coming face to face with the Kardashian-West security staff.

While one of the suspects attempted to get away with a cellphone (that belonged to one of the security guards), the theft attempt was mostly curtailed, and a source revealed that none of Kim or Kanye's possessions were compromised in the incident.

"Nothing of Kim or Kanye's was taken. Their armed security handled it. The guy didn't even make it past the driveway. He was startled by their security, and dropped the phone he was trying to take."

The security staff on duty reportedly drew their firearms as soon as one of the suspects set foot on the driveway. He immediately ran. It is believed that the suspect then went on to ransack the nearby house of comedian Kathy Griffin, where a car was left trashed at the end of the driveway and a purse was stolen. That purse was found left on the side of the road a short distance after.

With the threat suitably nipped in the bud, it was business as usual for Kim Kardashian as she prepares to have her third child with Kanye West via a surrogate, as she posted a Snapchat later that morning to document her workout. The scare comes one year on from Kim Kardashian's fateful trip to Paris, where she was robbed at gunpoint while in her own hotel room.

More than nine million pounds' worth of jewellery, including her £3.5 million engagement ring from Kanye West, was lost in the robbery, and Kardashian said she was suffering from "a lot more anxiety" after the attack occurred. In total, 17 people were arrested in connection with the robbery, and law enforcement detained a group of "veteran criminals" in relation to the shocking crime.

While many may find it difficult with Kim Kardashian and other Hollywood personalities thanks to their immense riches, this incident stands as a reminder that fame and fortune often come at the cost of incredible pressure, not to mention the fact that being famous makes you a target. We hope Kim and Kanye stay well aware of similar attacks in the future.