Kim Kardashian snapchatted a list of her enemies and it’s gloriously petty

Kim Kardashian snapchatted a list of her enemies and it’s gloriously petty

Spoiler alert: some people don't like you. Everybody's got haters, and there are a couple ways you can deal with it. There's the mature way, where you ignore them and move on with your life. Then there's the Arya Stark way, where you write their names down on a list and murder them one by one. However, reality television star and topless Twitter model Kim Kardashian has a novel way of handling her enemies: sending them bottles of perfume.

Where do we even start, with Kim's Kritiks? Following a messy break-up with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna is suing Kim, claiming she sabotaged the "Rob & Chyna" reality show. Wendy Williams tore into Kim and Kanye West's marriage in a shocking rant on her show. And who can forget Kim's massive feud with Taylor Swift? Kim called her a snake on social media, Taylor lashed out at her and Yeezy on her latest album, and... Look, if we go through all Kim's enemies, this article's going to be longer than Stephen King's It (the book version). To summarize: girl's got haters.

Today Kim announced three new "KIMOJI" Heart fragrances on social media. She also shared a photo of three lists of people she's sending bottles to - with color-coordinated Post-It notes. The 'BFF' perfume list includes those in the orange Post-It notes, like her mom, Kris Jenner. and her sisters Kourtney and Kendall. The 'Ride Or Die' perfume list includes those in the purple Post-It notes, like her younger sisters Khloe and Kylie, and her friends Paris Hilton and Cardi B. But the blue Post-It notes? Those are strictly for the haters.

So, who made the naughty list? Kim will be sending the 'BAE' fragrance to her mortal enemies, like the aforementioned Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna and Wendy Williams. The lucky (or unlucky) recipients also include her critics - I mean kritiks - like Chelsea Handler, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Naya Rivera, Janice Dickinson, Chloe Graze Moretz, Pink, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bette Midler. I don't know what all these people did to Kim, but I'm guessing it was bad.

It's a bit surprising Lindsay Lohan made the BFF list, considering they've been sniping at each other on Instagram. Maybe they patched things up? Or maybe Kim's just feeling generous. "I am gonna send out way more than this but I decided this Valentine's Day everyone deserves a Valentine," said the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, in one of her Instagram Story videos. "I'm gonna send one to my lovers, my haters, to everyone I can think of, because it's Valentine's Day after all."

Well, that's a pretty nice way of dealing with your haters. Maybe on the next season of Game of Thrones, Arya Stark will have a change of heart. Instead of hunting down her enemies, and murdering them one by one, she could send them a bottle of 'BAE' perfume. It's sooo Cersei's scent.

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