Kim Kardashian's lookalike spends $4,000 on makeup every month

Kim Kardashian's lookalike spends $4,000 on makeup every month

Being a man, I didn't understand how expensive makeup was until I was dragged into a makeup store by my ex-girlfriend and nearly fell through the floor when she racked up a $100 bill on the likes of foundation and mascara. However, while I thought that was excessive, she didn't have a patch on this woman.

A Dubai-based influencer, who is known for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian, has admitted that she spends $4,000 a month on makeup.

Huda Kattan, who is the founder and face of Huda Beauty, is the woman behind Kim Kardashian's favourite lashes. She recently revealed in an interview with Elle magazine that she isn't afraid to drop a serious amount of cash on her cosmetics.

"I can spend a minimum of $4,000 a month on makeup. People get surprised because they're like, 'why do you still buy products?'"

"There are so many indie brands like Dose of Color, Morphe and Lime Crime that I like to buy, or I'm impulsively shopping on Sephora or Net-A-Porter. I do spend a lot on beauty products."

Huda says that the majority of products that she likes to buy aren't available in Dubai. The entrepreneur claims that she has to stock up when she goes to America, leaving her coming home with an insane amount of luggage.

"I left L.A. with three luggages and I came back with fifteen or sixteen. It's a lot. I had three bags just filled with makeup and haircare products," she explained.

Although Huda's life revolves around makeup, she says that she still has to take time away from wearing it every now and then.

"I try to take breaks from makeup on the weekends. I try to not to wear any on Fridays and Saturdays. It's good to let your skin breathe and it's good not to depend on makeup, to feel comfortable in our skin," she said.

Huda began her eyelash line in 2013, and Kim K quickly became one of her first celebrity fans. Due to her bone structure and full lips, the brunette is often referred to as the "Kim Kardashian of the Middle East". Huda's business partner is her sister, much like many of the Kardashian's, and she says that she can understand the comparison between her and the most famous woman in the world.

"I can understand getting compared to the Kardashians… we're 2017 women who are ultimately going out there, pursuing something out of passion and making a business out of it," she told the New York Times earlier in the year.

Huda's business continues to grow, with continuous additions to her beauty line being released throughout the year. Huda Beauty is also now becoming a big name outside of the Middle East, with there being people queuing up for her products in Harrods, London.

Fair play to Huda for growing her makeup business, although $4,000 on cosmetics seems pretty extreme – especially when she surely has unlimited use of her own stock. Maybe she doesn't think her own products are good enough?