Kylie Jenner's plastic surgeon sends out a warning about lip fillers

Kylie Jenner's plastic surgeon sends out a warning about lip fillers

It seems that, over the last few weeks, we've been bombarded with Kardashian and Jenner news wherever we look. First we got more details about Kim's surrogate, then it was revealed that Kylie is pregnant, and then - astoundingly - a third Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Khloe, announced that she was also expecting.

And all just before the tenth season of the show is due to air... that's not suspicious at all, is it?

Anyway, while Kim K and co were stealing all the limelight, some people had a few concerns about Kylie's (still not totally confirmed) pregnancy. Namely, how - if at all - will her lip fillers affect the baby? Thankfully, Kylie's surgeon, Dr. Simon Ourian, is here to provide some answers:

'I recommend that women stop getting lip fillers as soon as they learn they are pregnant,' he said in an interview with Page Six. 'No one knows the implications of lip fillers on pregnant patients since dermal fillers haven’t been tested on pregnant women.'

He went on to say, 'I would never knowingly administer lip injections to a pregnant patient. In fact, it is my policy not to perform any procedures at all on pregnant women.'

The surgeon also warned that:

'If a woman receives lip fillers before becoming pregnant, the results can last several months into her pregnancy, especially if she received one of the newer longer-lasting fillers. Additionally, many women experience naturally increased lip size during pregnancy due to increased levels of estrogen, blood flow, fluids, and swelling caused by pregnancy, regardless of whether they ever received lip fillers previously.'

Hmm, so it's not entirely clear whether or not those lip enhancements could be detrimental to Kylie's child - but at least she's getting a natural boost from all those hormones, and I best she's simply thrilled about the swelling.

Kylie herself has still yet to speak out about her pregnancy, despite the fact that she's still keeping up with her social media presence. However, she is concerned about her lips - or, rather, the products she sells for them.

Some have interpreted an Instagram post from Kim Kardashian last month as being a pregnancy reveal, and the media is certainly buying into the theory. The picture shows Kim, Khloe and Kylie all in a pool, with the caption, 'The three of us...'

Noting that Kourtney and Kendall were missing, many fans inferred this to mean that just those three sisters are expecting. Could that be what it means? Here's the post in question:

Personally, I think it's a bit of a reach - especially as Kris Jenner claimed that the announcements of Khloe's and Kylie's babies came as a surprise to her, and Kris knows everything. Only time can tell, I guess.

One thing that is certain, however: if Kylie is pregnant, she'd better lay off those lip treatments for a little while. Until the next generation of Jenners are born, she'll just have to stick to her lip kits like the rest of us mere mortals.