Lindsay Lohan asks to meet with Donald Trump and talk about Russia

Lindsay Lohan asks to meet with Donald Trump and talk about Russia

Lindsay Lohan has been off the rails for some time now. We all know her as the star of The Parent Trap and especially Mean Girls, but since then she's had quite a few drunken rampages, substance abuse issues and even starred as a gun-toting nun in Machete. Now, she may be a Russian agent. Or at least, she'll fool someone into thinking so. She's a really weird girl, so maybe she thrives on looking like she's off the rails completely?

Apparently Lohan has been following Trump's Asia trip with wide eyes. He's been to Japan, and now China, and soon he'll visit Moscow. It's a worldwide tour - and she wants in it, big league. She tweeted out that she is currently in Asia (it's kind of a big place, Lindsay, where in Asia?!) and was looking to meet with the President before he hits Moscow. However, she tags the post with #putin and #russia, raising speculation as to exactly what's going on. She wants to talk Russia, for sure.

What plan do Lohan and Trump have brewing? Or, more specifically, what plans does Lohan want to hatch with Trump? Does she know who hacked the DNC? Does she know some serious dirt on Putin? Does she have a master theory about the whole Russia conspiracy to blow it wide open? Probably not. But it's comical to speculate what exactly she's imagining. Lindsay Lohan fancies herself a Russian intel agent.

Maybe she's just looking to waste his time in 2017. But Lohan, oddly enough, is a big Trump supporter. She likes the guy a lot, and wishes people would stop 'bullying' him. Tila Tequila, reportedly, also likes Trump. What is it about crazy stars and loving the big orange man in the big White House? Where's his Snooki endorsement? If he wins New Jersey in 2020, he could win another term, and possibly cause a civil war in the process.

Russia conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch once said she feared that drugs broke her brain, or caused "long-term mental damage". Fame and drugs can likely make a person totally detached from reality. But, we don't know enough about Lohan to make any definite judgement. And Trump isn't the only super famous person who Lohan has reached out to.

Even more recently, she asked GOAT and rap superstar Kendrick Lamar to DM her, for unknown and possibly occult reasons:

What do you think of all this? The worst part is that Lindsay Lohan having major state secrets about Russia would only be the fifth or sixth weirdest thing to happen this year, hardly the bombshell it would be in a less outright bizarre and more concealed age, like back in 2010.

Maybe, in many decades, she will play Melania Trump in an Oscar-winning Trump biopic. You laugh now, but it may seriously happen. Why not? By then she'll be a wise elder, a regular Robert De Niro. Everybody grows up, sooner or later. We'll all watch it happen in slow real time.