Logan Paul describes 'miraculous' escape after main parachute didn't open during skydive

Logan Paul describes 'miraculous' escape after main parachute didn't open during skydive

If you thought Logan Paul had disappeared from the public eye, you'd be wrong. While the internet is always quick to express outrage when someone says or does something offensive or cruel, plenty of people are willing to defend their heroes to the ends of the earth, or simply forget about the incident within a month or so.

Unfortunately, that might be the case with Logan Paul, who seems to be reemerging into the public after his controversial 'dead body' video, in which the YouTuber filmed a man who had taken his own life. It was part of the millionaire 22-year-old's trip to Japan, wherein he visited the country's infamous 'Suicide Forest': a place where many come to end their lives. It was an insensitive move in the first place, but the fact that he posted a video of the hanged man while profiting off the clicks was a step too far for many people.

However, after a mere two weeks of going into an 'exile' following the criticism he received, he launched himself back into the spotlight, he gave his first on-screen interview, in which he said that "everyone deserves second chances bro". A week after that he posted a suicide awareness video that had its fair share of problems, which people were quick to explain. Not done there, he started a whole new backlash after leaving an insensitive comment on Cardi B's Instagram.

Paul definitely has plenty of fans still, with his recent troubles not scaring away many of his 16 million subscribers. Any tweet or Instagram post has its defenders, with hundreds of comments from those who want him to return to his vlog. With that many on his side, as well as the sheer money in this kind of thing, the patron saint of not shutting up keeps bouncing back - but it was in his latest communication with the world that he shared a story of a near-death experience he recently went through.

Logan sent out a tweet that featured a photo of a parachute pack after a near-fatal incident. It turns out that when he sky-dived recently he was faced with a nightmare situation: his parachute didn't open.

"here’s a photo of my empty pack after i had to cut away my main parachute bc it didn’t open," he wrote on Twitter."i can tell you — the feeling of the blue reserve parachute opening & functioning properly was miraculous."

"this has never happened to another student before at this school. LP lives on"

As you can expect, the kind of replies Paul gets are all over the place. While this is certainly a scary thing to go through, many still associate him with his actions at the beginning of January, given that that was only a month ago.

Paul isn't the only vlogger to deal with the consequences of their vocation. One fashion and beauty blogger recently sought to get some freebies from a luxury hotel, only for the owner to ban all 'entitled' YouTubers and bloggers.