Macklemore is going on an anti-Trump tour

Macklemore is going on an anti-Trump tour

Macklemore, whose real name is Ben Haggerty, has never been a conservative rapper. Rising to fame off of singles like Same Love, which was a pro-LGBT anthem, Haggerty also recorded White Privilege and White Privilege II, lengthily and introspective tracks plumbing his own whiteness and racism, which have been described as either a breath of fresh air or totally corny, depending on who you asked.

Last year, the rapper YG turned heads with his song FDT, which stands for F**k Donald Trump. Now, YG has enlisted Macklemore and rapper G-Eazy for a remix, with the usual jabs and bars directed at Trump, such as Haggerty rapping: "Ima stay right here, I ain't livin' in fear/ With my people who are muslims, Mexican and queer/ And we ain't gonna let you f**k up four years."

YG said that he thought getting two white rappers on his song would be big, and capture a large audience. But the remix hasn't performed as well as YG's original.

Macklemore, at a recent show in Phoenix, Arizona, got a crowd of 2,500 to chat the hook to YG's song, "F**k Donald Trump!", shouting the phrase. On the tour for his new album Gemini, he is likely to conjure up more chants and anti-Trump responses.

It's no surprise, but Macklemore has been more politically vocal ever since the election.

On the night of the election, he said:

"Donald Trump is not raising my daughter. I am. I get to encourage and nurture her to be who she wants to be. Teach her that her voice and actions can change the world. Teach her that she can do anything that a man can do. And one day, even become president of the United States of America. I have work to do. It starts now. And that work is the only thing bringing me peace at the moment."

What do you think? Is Macklemore just preaching to the choir here, or is he part of a political wave in music that can create lasting change?