Marilyn Manson crushed by falling stage prop at concert

Marilyn Manson crushed by falling stage prop at concert

Best known for his alternative image and somewhat controversial stage personality, Marilyn Manson is an intimidating figure for many people. His shows are always extravagant and atmospheric - and last night's performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan was no exception.

The 48-year-old singer was performing there as part of his world tour, ahead of the release of his 10th album, 'Heaven Upside Down'. However, the show didn't quite go as planned.

Manson was in the middle of performing his famous cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) when he decided to climb a set piece of two large guns that were behind him. Such theatrics are not uncommon for the rock star - however, this time, it was a mistake.

The stage prop was not as stable as Manson thought, and his weight caused it to topple and fall on top of him. Shocked reactions can be heard from the crowd, and then the music cuts out:


All the lights went off for several minutes, before an announcement came through that Manson could not continue the show 'due to injury'. Manson's publicist, Carrie Tolles, has since disclosed that the singer is being treated at hospital, but there has been no word on the severity of his injuries.

One person who was at the concert gave a statement to the BBC, in which they said that - just after the incident happened - the singer was draped in a black sheet and then carried off the stage in a stretcher. They also commented that Manson was: 'pretty limp, almost as though he was unconscious.'

Another person who was watching from the front row gave an account of the moment it happened:

'From my view point in the front row it didn’t look like he put that much weight on it [the prop] when it started tipping. He tried to brace himself and push it back but it completely tipped and fell on him. Two or three of his crew members rushed to get it off of him quickly.

'Around this time his girlfriend, she’d been watching from a chair on the side of the stage, rushed over to him. His girlfriend rushed off to the stage within moments with her hand over her mouth and clearly panicked ... the security guard near me said they had paramedics on site. It was another minute or two before actual medics started to get on stage.'

While there is a lot of speculation about Manson's current condition, his fans are more focused on sending him positive messages and hoping for his speedy recovery. Well, as positive as they could get, really:

'Dear Satan, please don't take Marilyn Manson from us, he's done so much for you,' wrote one Twitter user.

'If Marilyn Manson f***ing dies 2017 is officially fucking cancelled and I’ll never leave my house again,' said another.

It's unlikely that Manson will be playing the rest of his shows on schedule, but hopefully the singer will be back on his feet again soon.