Melania Trump body double conspiracies are rising

Melania Trump body double conspiracies are rising

Remember last September, when Hillary Clinton fainted at the 9/11 memorial? She was taken into a van, and then a few hours later, she emerged from her New York apartment and hugged a young girl, demonstrating just how healthy she was. Well, after that, many elements of the populist right-wing Alex Jones community began to believe that Hillary Clinton was using a body double. Clinton, in fact, was so sick that she had to have a double masquerade as her in order to keep up healthy appearances.

Of course, that theory pales in comparison to this one, namely because this Melania theory has an ambiguous photo attached to it that does look weird, despite the difficulty of accepting the premise. We hate fake news, but we do love a good mystery.

First off, here's the reaction online to the idea that Melania has a body double:

People are really drawn to it. Perhaps its the ambiguity of Melania Trump as a person. After all, she hasn't been very vocal since becoming the First Lady. We hear far more about Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner or others in the revolving door of the Trump family/administration than we ever do about Melania. The mystery of being married to Donald Trump also heightens our speculation: who really is she? What does she believe?

This video is the origin of the conspiracy theory, a strange CNN interview with a Melania Trump who, well, doesn't quite look like Melania Trump.

Her chin structure is definitely way off. This person, from the angle or the footage shown, definitely has a far more squared chin than Melania, who has a sharper chin. All the bone definition looks off, and the sunglasses only add fuel to the fire: where is the real Melania? Or am I the equivalent of a YouTuber freeze-framing 9/11 footage and searching for the thermite blasts?

Well, seemingly the latter:

Why would Melania have a double? Well, maybe if she was in New York City with Barron, but wanted to keep up appearances. At any rate, this little news cycle could have far-reaching consequences. After all, it is usually figures like Alex Jones who have ideas like this, and they tend to harm his overall strain of thought.

If liberals begin to back a false horse, will they later pay for it by conservatives considering them susceptible to hysteria and fake news? Who knows. But either way, no news cycle is harmless these days.

What do you think? Does this person look like Melania Trump, or is it just people on Twitter having some wishful thinking? Either way, sound off in the comments. This could be an optical illusion, like color-blindness or something. But a lot of people are convinced that this particular photo is not Melania. Something is going on, either with our heads, or with the First Lady herself.

I mean, from this angle, it totally looks like her. But what do you think? Is this like the face on Mars? Or the ultimate (and only) First Lady conspiracy?