Neil Patrick Harris' family won Halloween with an incredible group costume for the fifth year in a row

Neil Patrick Harris' family won Halloween with an incredible group costume for the fifth year in a row

Ah, the day after Halloween. You wake up on your living room floor in a puddle of vomit still wearing your 'Sexy Handmaid's Tale' costume. You're missing your cell phone, you're missing your wallet and you're two hours late for work. But it was all worth it for those incredible memories. Like... Um... Well... Okay, so you don't really remember anything that happened, but so what? What are you, a cop? Wooo! Another perfect Halloween!

Now let's engage in the day-after-Halloween ritual of browsing Facebook, see how much better everyone's costumes were, and seething with jealousy. This year How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris won the holiday once gain with his adorable family. Harris is married to actor-turned-professional chef David Burtka, and together they have two eight-year old twins, son Gideon and daughter Harper. For five years, they've created incredible group costumes so impressive they would even make Harris' evil character Count Olaf smile. Behold!

2014 - Gotham City

2015 - Star Wars

2016 - Classic Hollywood

(For those of you under 80, that's Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.)

2017 - Carnival

2018 - Hitchhiking Ghosts

We've seen incredible group costumes before, like from these seven stunning BFF's, that do a celebrity-themed costume every year, but including a theatrical background? That's the icing on the cake. Congratulations to the Harris-Burtka family for winning the holiday once again. Or, at the very least, giving us five photos more satisfying than that How I Met Your Mother series finale. (Yeah, I said it. Okay, actually, I've never seen the show. But I heard the last episode was disappointing or something? Don't @ me, Neil Patrick Harris.)

As you sit on the puddle of vomit on your living room floor, struggling to take off your 'Sexy Handmaid's Tale' costume, canceling your credit cards and your phone on your laptop, and discovering by email that you've been fired from your job, let Neil Patrick Harris' family's costumes provide you with a moment of delight.