New TV series delves into the elite Beverly Hills sex club favored by Hollywood's finest

New TV series delves into the elite Beverly Hills sex club favored by Hollywood's finest

We can't help but be interested in the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. There's something about their grandeur routines that piques our interest, and nothing more so than what they do in their private time.

Sex tapes, scandals and stories dominate the press as everyone wants to know who is bonking who and how. However, one thing that's always been prominent in Hollywood, and something that many of us just can't get our heads around, is sex parties.

Hugh Hefner,  the founder of Playboy who passed away yesterday, was notorious for his sex parties and swingers nights. But now a new documentary set to air on Showtime, taking a candid look behind the scenes of an exclusive Beverly Hills sex club that caters to the desires of the rich and famous.

The eight-part series is title Naked SNCTM and follows the exploits of Damon Lawner, the owner of SNCTM, and his daily routine. Damon and his team of performers, event planners and chefs host Eyes Wide Shut-style events, which mix erotic theatre with S&M and masquerade and are attended by a host of famous and well-off faces.

According to the show, the Hollywood establishment where membership costs anywhere between $12,000 - $75,000, is "the most exclusive, high-end, erotic club ever".

Lawnner, 45, is a father-of-two and founded the club four years ago. The series aims to take a look into his life as he struggles to find a balance his controversial career as the ringmaster of a high-end, erotic club and his "normal" family life.

The owner has previously claimed that the club is regularly attended by Grammy-winning artists and says that Gwyneth Paltrow once attended alongside her boyfriend, Brad Falchuk, who is the producer of the hit-show, Glee.

Lawner has said that he and his staff are not permitted to join in with any form of sexual activities with the guests. But according to an article published in the New York Post, he does like to watch from time-to-time.

The highest level of membership, of which there are only 12 members (11 men and one woman), have to take part in a "blood oath" when they join the club, and in return they get private rooms, a silver necklace and advice from sex experts. Alternatively, you can get a lower-level membership, which entitles you to discounted party tickets and opportunities to network with fellow rich people.

The club hosts monthly events, and Lawner said that some members attend them to learn "how to give better [pleasure]" while others see it as a place "for primal urges to be explored". Take a look at the trailer for the documentary, it certainly looks... interesting.

Single men pay $1,850 per party, or if they bring a woman with them, the price drops to $1,500. However, while women do not have to pay in order to gain entry, they are expected to fill out an application form which includes taking full-body photographs. The dress code consists of Tuxedos for men and evening wear or negligee for women. All guests are required to wear masks on entry, and mobile phones and other devices are strictly prohibited.

Celebrities are a horny bunch aren't they? Does having loads of money meaning you have have a higher sex drive or something? While this documentary will give us an idea of what goes on in these places, I'm sure there's still plenty that they don't want us to know.