No-one can figure out how Mariah Carey is sitting down in mid-air in this concert clip

No-one can figure out how Mariah Carey is sitting down in mid-air in this concert clip

It's now that time of the year where both Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé decide to defrost themselves and make an appearance in the public realm once more. That's right ladies and gentlemen, it's Christmas. In case you were unaware, the festive season is now known as Mariah Carey season. It's been widely reported that the ultimate diva rakes in over $500,000 a year due to her festive-smash hit, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." So, yeah, its safe to say that Mariah is a pretty big fan of this time of year.

In order to achieve maximum earning potential from the festive season, the singer has embarked on a world tour to spread Christmas cheer and make outrageous tour rider demands, because she is Mariah Carey and she does whatever the f**k she wants.

In the latest instalment of "I am Mariah Carey, who the f**k are you?", the queen of all divas decided to stop singing mid-show last week in order to sign autographs and seemingly defy gravity.

Yep, you heard me right, Mariah Carey doesn't even give a s**t about gravity either.While signing the autographs for her superfans ,A.K.A her "lambs", during a concert, Carey can be seen sitting down on a chair in order to do the signing. But here's the magic part, there is no chair!

In the footage above, it appears that Mariah has simply taken a seat in order to spend some time with her fans and give them a lasting memento of the concert. However, when she stands up, the singer reveals that there was no chair supporting her infamous derriere. Basically, Mariah was squatting in a seated position while wearing a floor-length gown and high heels. If you didn't believe that she was the queen of everything before this, it would be pretty hard to argue your case now.

Unsurprisingly, the seemingly gravity-defying footage has gone viral on Twitter, with some people being left in awe of her skills.

Other users came up with theories as to how Mariah was able to pull off this amazing feat.

While most people were busy simply admiring the magic of Mariah and her incredible stunt, one Twitter user had to come and ruin the party. Appearing on the thread that was packed full of excitement and awe, the Grinch, otherwise known as Molly, arrived explaining how Mariah pulled off this "sitting without a seat" in great detail, writing:

This is the heel sit. it works especially well if youre wearing something tight. dont ask me how, i guess its from your legs squishing together and from the added hieght off the ground from the heels and the resistance from the tight dress, but its a thing

Whatever, Molly - thanks for crashing the Mariah party! I, for one, believe that this is a Christmas miracle, issued upon us by the queen of Christmas herself: Saint Mariah Carey. Afterall, this isn't the festive season anymore, it's Mariah season.