This is what 'Game of Thrones' star Jason Momoa looked like as a teenager

This is what 'Game of Thrones' star Jason Momoa looked like as a teenager

One activity that will never not be entertaining is looking back at old photos of your friends and loved ones, especially if you didn't know them when they were younger. Seeing the similarities between then and now, whether it's their eyebrows, their cheesy smile, or their distinctive personality coming through, can have you in hysterics in no time.

This goes for baby photos, but also for teen years and early adulthood. Looking back on what your dad looked like when he was your age can be fun too, especially when you see the terrible hairdos and fashion sense of that particular era. In no time at all, you'll find yourself on the other end of that equation with someone younger.

The same thing can occur with celebrities. Especially with actors, we get so used to their look on-screen that going back and seeing George Clooney with a mullet or Steve Carrell rocking a mustache is a little baffling. And when it comes to more recent stars like Jason Momoa, we all have one thing in mind: Khal Drogo.

Much like Daenerys, we were all intimidated and scared by Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo, but, eventually, we all loved him. It was a shame then that he departed the show so early, with the series going on to air a staggering 57 episodes since. Regardless, his character's presence is still felt across the show, and many are hoping he will come back in a flashback of some kind for the show's final season.

While he has starred in a number of TV shows and movies since then, his next big gig was this year's Justice League, where he played a grittier take on Aquaman in the superhero blockbuster.

Once again, this involved Momoa starring as a grizzled masculine powerhouse - so you can see how we start to associate him with this image.

But that's not always been the case, since he was far more of a traditional and straight-edged kind of hunk - back in the day when he was working on Baywatch.

From 1999 to 2001 he played Jason Ioane on the show, before reprising his role for the TV Movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. He's come a long way since these days, and a lot of his fans can't wrap their heads around the difference.

One thing missing from some of these photos is Momoa's recognisable scar. While many may have thought that was part of his Game of Thrones character's look, it was actually a result of a bar fight he got into once. "I got called 'pretty boy' my whole life," he said to the New York Post. "If anything, it's like, 'Good.' It's not my thing now."

I can say for sure that I wouldn't dare call Momoa a 'pretty boy' to his face, or behind his back - and I doubt any of his friends would dare any more either.