People are photoshopping Donald Trump's official portrait

People are photoshopping Donald Trump's official portrait

Donald Trump is nothing if not a divisive figure. Despite only being 10 months into his Presidency, the billionaire businessman and former Apprentice star, has alienated several groups of people, including, women (writ large), the LGBTQ community and South America. But are we really surprised? Donald Trump managed to incense ire even before he became the 45th President of the United States. I mean, just think back to that now infamous recording of him making "sex boasts" and obscene comments about women, such as that he can "grab them by the p***y"

As such, those who aren't too keen on President Trump were rather overjoyed when the White House finally released the official portraits of Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence... Because they knew that they could have a lot of fun with them. While the pictures are destined to hang in federal offices around the nation, they made the rounds on social media first, plus or minus some rather hilarious additions...

So here's the original portrait:

And here are the creative adaptions, courtesy of the internet:

1. This "artist" recommends some disciplinary action 

2. An interesting combination... 

3. Incarceration was a common theme here

4. This is an interesting take on the matter 

5. These are totally the "official" portraits 

6. Now, this is what you call arty 

7. It all makes sense 

Well, one thing's for sure: Donald Trump and Mike Pence will not be pleased by these creative masterpieces.