People aren't sure about Justin Bieber's massive new tattoo

People aren't sure about Justin Bieber's massive new tattoo

Justin Bieber is nothing if not a divisive figure. Certainly, the singer-songwriter has recently had more press for his off-stage shenanigans than his musical ventures. As of now, the 23-year-old has dominated headlines for getting a DUI, driving on an expired license and resisting arrest.

As such, it's safe to say that the Canadian is not as wholesome as he first seemed, when he landed on screens in 2010 with the hit single Baby.

In his most notable offence, Justin Bieber was arrested in 2014 after he was caught drag racing a Lamborghini. He was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol and verbally assaulted officers at the time of arrest. And since then, the singer has just continued down this rather questionable path. But luckily for him, his faithful fanbase - the "Beliebers" - have refused to revoke their support... well, until now.

Apparently some of Justin's fans are very unhappy about his new tattoo.

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to reveal his tattooed torso on Saturday and it's quite a sight. The Sorry singer's entire torso appears to be covered with a bizarre set of different features, including a skeleton, a cross, gargoyles and a serpent.

Renowned celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang spent 26 hours over three consecutive days to complete the giant tattoo. And he documented the process on his Instagram account. "Justin Bieber Thank you for the trust," he wrote. "26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I've ever tattooed anyone in my 13 year career. You're tough as nails man!"

Bang Bang even posted a progress shot on his Instagram, depicting the painstaking process of tattooing the entirety of Justin's torso. "Moments in battle", he captioned the post.

And the tattoo artist also posted a video, which gives us a closeup of all the intricate details.

Bang Bang later clarified what the tattoo was meant to illustrate, and what exactly that symbolised. He explained that the tat depicted angels quashing the evil in the world, and that it was symbolic of the struggle between light and dark; that is, the battle between good forces and bad.

He wrote on social media:

"We added two angels, one on each side, below each one, they're dominating the evil. Whenever I do an epic piece, there needs to be the positive and negative. There needs to be a balance... visually there needs to be contrast. Below each of the angels, there is a demon that needs to be defeated. The skeleton on one side and the serpent on the other."

Credit: Bang Bang

However, some people didn't react all too favourably to Justin's new tat, and took to Twitter to air their grievances. One fan wrote: "Okay Justin. Your time is up. Time to book an appointment for tattoo removal," while another corroborated: "I don't love the new tattoo I'm so sad Justin please don't do this to your body enough".

Well, what do you think? Is the tattoo too big for your liking or just right? I'm just sad that we won't be able to see Justin's abs anymore...