People are worried about Adam Sandler after his appearance on Graham Norton

People are worried about Adam Sandler after his appearance on Graham Norton

Adam Sandler is fondly admired by many for his comedy films including Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. He's got a unique kind of silly American sarcastic humour, and although the 51-year-old has made decidedly worse films since his earlier years, at least he's still in the game. A real trooper, you know?

This week, the actor, writer, and producer was invited to appear on The Graham Norton Show. Some were really looking forward to seeing the actor on the chat show for his comedic value.

While others seemed to agree that he should start slowing down on the film-making (I'm really starting to feel like 40% of Netflix is entirely made up of the Adam Sandler collection) and think about quality over quantity.

I mean come on, WHAT was Sandy Wexler?!

But, something didn't seem quite right with him. Sandler was wedged between actors Emma Thompson and Claire Foy on the couch, with model-slash-actor Cara Delevingne sitting on the end. People noticed that he looked a little uncomfortable and subdued, around about as awkward as you feel when you're at a dinner party without really knowing anyone and they're talking about stuff and people you generally have zero clues about.

They were saying that he was looking a bit thin and disheveled, but it was mainly his lack of words or expression that really made people wonder if he was okay. He just stares at the floor or his hands, hunched over with a blank expression on his face that is interrupted from time to time by a shrugged kind of laugh when the other guests start laughing.

Some started questioning if he was in some way or another intoxicated. Others wondered if he was just a bit miserable, one person suggesting he'd been listening to the melancholic tunes of Morrisey all day (the musician was also on the show that night).

Another thing that made people wonder what was up was the fact that he kept putting his hand on Foy's knee during the chat programme. It was supremely awkward, with Foy picking up his hand and plopping it back on his own knee... until he moves it over again to rest on her lower thigh. What's up with that? Emma Thompson was equally unimpressed by his odd behaviour.

A spokesman for Sandler later told The Mail that his behaviour was no more than a "friendly gesture" toward Foy. But, uhh... it's still weird.

In any case, something was up with Sandler that didn't match his usual bubbly, outlandish behaviour. Someone had the heart to point out that maybe he just felt a little intimidated by the other chatty guests on the show, while another said that he could just be a shy and nervous person. Which, to be fair, is not a bad thing at all.

I guess it just surprised everyone because of the huge contrast people saw when comparing his character archetype to his appearance on the show that evening. But guys, maybe we should give him a break. We all have our bad days, and we can't be expected to be huge bundles of fun all the time.

Take it easy buddy, we hope you're okay.