Piers Morgan makes startling claim about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement

Piers Morgan makes startling claim about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement

If there's one thing Piers Morgan is more famous for than hacking phones and getting into feuds with celebrities, it's running his mouth about trivial subjects - usually for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of someone.

Most often, he enjoys practicing this hobby via Twitter, and in the past has covered a wide variety of topics such as: Amber Rose's choice to dress how she wants, JK Rowling's ability to write novels, and, unsurprisingly, how great he perceives himself to be.

However, he also enjoys making the occasional controversial comment on Good Morning Britain, a breakfast show which he presents with his long-suffering co-host, Susanna Reid. Most of the time, the sorts of things he says don't get taken seriously. However, he had a pretty bold claim to make on this morning's show - and nobody could ignore it.

"I put Meghan Markle in ... the arms of Prince Harry," he said, implying that it was his actions which resulted in the couple getting together.

The somewhat dubious statement arose during a story he was telling about a time that he and Markle met for a drink - apparently at her request.

"So Meghan comes along [to the pub] and there were about five locals – talk about eyes popping out of their heads, because she arrived with the shades, the look, the whole thing," Morgan said, setting the scene.

“We sat there and she had dirty Martinis, the vodka version – I had a couple of pints of Harvey’s Real Ale. And for 90 minutes I had a chat with someone I just thought was this actress in a show that I loved, and we talked about the show and off we went and it was all fine.”

Ok... so what about the bit where he is supposedly responsible for setting up the couple of the decade?

Well, he goes on to explain that, when Meghan left, she headed off to a private members club after receiving some text messages from a "mystery man" - and we all know who that turned out to be.

“I put her in an Uber, off she goes, and when the story broke about two or three months later there was a nugget saying [Meghan and Harry] first properly met at a members’ club in London either that night or the next day.

“So it could well be I put Meghan Markle in an Uber to the arms of Prince Harry.”

So, let me get this straight: Piers Morgan thinks he played some huge role in Meghan's and Harry's relationship because he had drinks with her beforehand... which she then left... because of a direct request from the Prince. Right. Yeah. Totally see how Piers had a hand in that.

The breakfast show host then proceeded to say, "I drove her to your arms your Highness – is it too much to ask?", in an apparent beg for an invitation to the wedding. But, if Meghan is such a good friend of his, shouldn't he be invited anyway?

Regardless of whether or not he is actually good pals with the future princess, Piers certainly caught some flak on Twitter for his desperate attempt to claim some responsibility for Meghan's and Harry's happiness. This comes just a day after he publicly asked for an invitation on the social media platform, too.

Needless to say, everybody pretty much saw through the story for what it is: a desperate attempt at name-dropping.