Piers Morgan reveals Mariah Carey kept him waiting 12 hours for a two minute song

Piers Morgan reveals Mariah Carey kept him waiting 12 hours for a two minute song

If there was a competition for "A-hole of the year", it's safe to say that Piers Morgan would definitely be put forward by plenty of people. Known for his controversial opinions, petty behaviour, and general attention seeking, Morgan has a special way of getting under people's skin, often quite publicly.

The journalist and former America's Got Talent host has had some famous feuds in his time, and he isn't afraid to talk about it. His bad blood with Jeremy Clarkson is common knowledge, as is his spat with Hugh Grant. But Morgan's record of rocky relations doesn't end there by any means. He's also managed to tick off J. K. Rowling, Madonna, Amber Rose, and pretty much anybody with a Twitter account.

Unsurprisingly, given the public nature of his feuds, he's had a fair bit of comeuppance over the years, too.

Recently, Morgan was mocked on Twitter for mentioning his broken ribs. His attempted brag at 'manning up' to continue with his hosting duties while suffering from three cracked ribs was quickly shot down by other Twitter users who pointed out people who had gone through much worse - and didn't feel the need to whine about it:

He's also been openly slammed by his Good Morning Britain co-host, Susanna Reid, on various occasions. Just a couple of weeks ago, the 46-year-old presenter said on the show that, "Working on this programme is detrimental to [her] health. [Morgan is] going over the line to be ridiculous."

It pretty much goes without saying, then, that Piers Morgan, who was once described as "a sentient ham" by one person invited to appear on the British breakfast show, is not the most likeable character.

For his most recent serving of just desserts, Morgan revealed that he was once stood up by Mariah Carey for 12 hours. Recalling his (lack of) interaction with the singer, Morgan said:

"She once kept me waiting 12 hours to do a two-minute hit on America's Got Talent. 12 hours, two audiences, and eventually Sharon Osbourne, and me, and I think [David] Hasselhoff, we got so fed up waiting by midnight, having come in on our day off, that we all left, and she had to appear with stand-ins with wigs like the judges."

This prompted Susanna Reid to quip, ‘Maybe Mariah was waiting for you to leave?’

This discussion happened shortly before the pair were due to interview Carey about her upcoming Christmas single. However, the topic quickly changed to the Vegas shooting, something of which the singer had apparently not been informed of.

Having been caught off-guard by the news, she scrambled to respond to the hosts' questions on the matter:

"I mean it is what everyone's gut reaction is... I pray for the victims, have they caught the shooter?

"Wow, that's awful. Again I pray for the victims and hope all these can stop as soon as possible. You know I have spent a lot of time in Vegas and this type of thing anywhere happening anywhere is a huge tragedy.

"I continue to pray for the victims. I hope we have an end to this as soon as possible." 

While Carey proved herself to be a sensitive and empathetic human being, Morgan once again came across as a bit of a whiny manchild. At least it's entertaining to watch him get shut down.