Pink denies "shading" Christina Aguilera at American Music Awards

Pink denies "shading" Christina Aguilera at American Music Awards

We've always been fascinated by celebrity feuds, from Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry to Debbie Reynolds vs. Elizabeth Taylor. Maybe it's because celebrities look perfect, and when they fight, they seem human. Or maybe it's because we're not happy with our own lives, and love watching other people's lives get messy. Or maybe it's because if the celebrities are rappers - like Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj - we'll get some sick diss tracks out of it. ("ShETHER" was awesome.)

When we watch celebrities, we're like the old lady in that Wendy's commercial - constantly asking, "Where's the beef?" The best place to look for beef is award shows, because so many celebrities are gathered together. It seemed like there was solid evidence of a feud the other night at the American Music Awards.

During the show, Christina Aguilera took the stage to perform an emotional tribute to the late Whitney Houston. The iconic singer tragically died of drug overdose in 2012, when she was only 48 years old. Xtina honored Houston by performing a medley of her classic songs from The Bodyguard.

However, Whitney Houston's songs aren't easy. If you've ever tried singing "I Will Always Love You" in the shower, Iiiiiii-eeeeee-iiiiiiiii know you already know that. While the "Drrrty" singer was trying to hit those epic notes, the producers cut to celebrity reactions in the audience. A few stars looked like they were grimacing, and Pink looked like she was throwing more shade than the solar eclipse.

Her cringing reaction went viral on Twitter. Many people said "that was all of us watching Xtina."

Is this proof that Pink and Christina Aguilera have beef again? Over the years, the two singers have had a longstanding feud. On Watch What Happens Live, Pink told Andy Cohen they even had a fight in a nightclub.

“She swung on me in a club. It was hilarious.

I was like, ‘What is happening right now? What’s happening?’ I laughed, it was just funny.

We were super young and super new at the whole thing, and I think I’m an alpha and she’s an alpha, and I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to taking them verbal. We just were very different, and we were very young and new. Women have to learn how to support each other. It’s not taught to us on the playground.”

Unfortunately, the incident at the AMA's is like a hamburger from McDonald's - no sign of real beef (mostly rat meat). Pink praised Christina's performance on Twitter, claiming she "f--king killed it" and denied throwing any shade.

"Yes. THIS. Christina fucking killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This [is] about Whitney, and I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's ??✌?❤️"

Two days later, she posted another message on Twitter, saying our fascination with Hollywood feuds perpetuates keeping women apart:

"Waking up to see a newly created riff between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, who I support fully, makes me so sad. You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you're afraid of the power we have when we get together."

So, sorry, everyone - there's no feud between Pink and Christina Aguilera. But don't despair. If we work hard, and create some dank memes, I bet we could get two more female celebrities to start a feud. Maybe Dame Judi Dench and Nicki Minaj. I bet Dench would make a sick ass diss track.

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