Pitbull is using his private jet to fly cancer patients out of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

Pitbull is using his private jet to fly cancer patients out of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

Millions of people in Puerto Rico woke up to a grim new reality last week, after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, demolishing homes and destroying lives. It is being reported that it could take a half a year to restore power to the island, which is home to 3.5 million people, after all electricity was knockout overnight.

The storm has been blamed for 18 fatalities, but that figure is expected to rise as the authorities begin the cleanup mission. Roads in cities such as San Juan resembled rivers rather than pedestrian streets and Carmen Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of the city, said the destruction was unlike anything she had ever seen.

"The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there," Cruz told MSNBC. "We're looking at 4 to 6 months without electricity."

The storm was a mixture of heavy rain and fierce winds, toppling over trees, shattering windows and ripping roofs and doors off of buildings in the process. Widespread flooding has caused many highways and streets to be blocked across the island, creating maze-like conditions for drivers who were trying to navigate their way through the island.

The economically strained island is now looking for all the help it can get in order to aid its recovery, and luckily a few major celebrities have joined in to offer their hands (and assets) to the cause.

Pitbull, a rapper who hails from Puerto Rico, has offered his private jet to the island in order to transfer cancer patients who were undergoing chemo from Puerto Rico and to the United States, where they can carrying on undergoing their treatment. Jesse Gonzalez, a congresswoman for Puerto Rico tweeted her thanks to the artist.

"Thanks to singer @pitbull for lending private plane to transfer cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United States so that they can take their chemo."

Pitbull hadn't gone public with his good deed, but did say to E! News, "Thank God we're blessed to help. Just doing my part."

However, Pitbull isn't the only celebrity to help the Island, Jennifer Lopez is also getting involved. During a press conference with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Lopez announced that she will be making a $1million donation to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The singer took to her Instagram on Friday to say that she hadn't heard from her family on the island after the recent storm, saying:

"What's foremost in my mind and many others, is trying to figure out the best way to help," Lopez said. "Our island of Puerto Rico has been hit by the two most devastating hurricanes we've ever seen Irma and Maria. Today, Puerto Rico needs our help. I urge you to support and donate to the efforts(UnitedforPuertoRico.com) of the first lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló. Together we can help rebuild our island and the Caribbean."

Daddy Yankee, the man behind the smash-hit "Despacito" has also offered to donate $1million to "rebuild the island".

Again, posting on Instagram, the singer said:

"Puerto Rico is under a humanitarian crisis," he said today on Instagram. "We're running out of food, we're running out of provisions, we're running out of gas, we're running out of medicines. So this is a call to action to the international community to act now. We need your help more than ever."

It's good to see celebrities like Pitbull and others getting involved in a humanitarian crisis. The rapper calls himself Mr Worldwide and it does seem like he is a man of the people.