Prince Harry's reaction to a girl stealing his popcorn is absolute perfection

Prince Harry's reaction to a girl stealing his popcorn is absolute perfection

Prince Harry seems like a pretty nice guy, doesn't he? I guess the fact that he is never going to be king means that he can just enjoy his life and be content about the privileged position he is lucky to be in.

However, if there is one group of people who couldn't care less about someone's standing in society, it's children. Harry found that out the hard way, when he was enjoying a nice bag of popcorn, until a devious little child swooped in and began stealing it off him.

Being a prince, it's unlikely that Harry has ever fallen victim to such a heinous crime, and as such, all eyes were on the price to see how he would react to the daylight robbery.

It's safe to say, that Harry reacted as we all knew he would: perfectly.

The prince can't put a foot wrong in the UK, with him easily being the most relatable royal out there, and this adorable footage will only increase that adulation, while also heightening the public yearning for Harry to have his own children.

Harry was attending the Invictus Games and was sat next to competitor Dave Henson's wife, Hayley, as well as their two-year-old daughter, Emily, when she spotted the chance to grab a quick treat for herself. Not one to wait for an offer, Emily helped herself to Harry's popcorn.

Emily went in for the popcorn not only once, but multiple times, and it appeared that she was getting away with the perfect crime, until Harry suddenly noticed. When the prince did eventually spot the tiny thief, he moved the popcorn out of her reach, before he began laughing and passing her a piece. It looks like the pair quickly made up, with Harry offering to share his treat with the little girl and they were a picture of happiness from there on in. Harry continued to entertain Emily by pulling faces, which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

The prince is currently in Canada for the Invictus Games, the Paralympic-style sporting competition which he created and launched back in 2014.

The games are designed for injured armed forces personnel and veterans who compete in a variety of different sports including volleyball, wheelchair basketball and archery - and it has been a roaring success so far.

Speaking this year, ahead of the games, Harry said:

"It is unbelievable to see the journey that everyone has been through and I cannot stress this enough to everybody to get out there, meet these guys, listen to their stories and in some cases learn from them.

"I've been banging on about this but these are the role models I think we need in society. The younger kids and the younger generation to look up to people like this. And to have a better understanding of what service and duty is all about."

Well done to Harry for creating the games and giving these heroes a chance to compete in sport. Also, congratulations for stealing the heart of a nation and not kicking off at Emily for nicking your food, I know I would've.